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The Velvet by Earsonics

  1. sly in the sky
    Coming on 30 september.....
    Don't know a lot more about it....except the fact that it seems possible to tune the sound signature up....
  2. terry1109
    hybrid with adjustable bass?
  3. sly in the sky
    Perhaps but not sure... ES never made hybrid models before... 
  4. sly in the sky
    Here are the Velvet:
    An universal with the possibility to switch to 3 distincts sound signatures....
    From what I know, it's the first time that such concept is created (3 in 1). 
    Sensibility: 116 dB/mW
    Frequency response: 10 Hz -20 kHz
    DCR: 31,5 à 41,5 ohms (selon la position du switch )
    Driver: 3 ways with HQ tunable crossover


    To create the VELVET , we have carefully studied every detail of its design. It’s result this modern and fluid design fully adapted to the ear anatomy.
    A sleeker look and a pleasant touchdown resulting of the noble material choice. Le VELVET was born …



    Balance and tone respect are the key words that characterize the best VELVET . We have taken great care in developing a new beveled cannula shape with a innovative wave guide wave that combines comfort and maximum sound performance.



    With is new switch, VELVET offers 3 different listening approach that made the success of Earsonics with the audiophile audience and musicians. It will become the best companion for nomade use and can adapt to different players of market through its ability to change the signature color and sound …


    I have been said that the 3 sound signatures approach is near the em2pro, em6 and em32....! All in one. 
    Pre-commands will be possible the 20 october
  5. terry1109
    thats something really special
    thz for the info
  6. sly in the sky
    You are welcome Terry... I hope to ear one soon and peraps give some impressions for those who are interested....
  7. fnkcow

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