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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. Jalo
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  2. Deezel177
    The key words in my upcoming review are vibrant, textured and vivid. :wink:

    I don't remember if I've said this before, but the ELYSIUM is a great TOTL IEM with a powerful DAP, and it's legitimately elite - regardless of form factor - out of a decent amp. Of course, preferences will come into play, but, to my ears, it's a stunning achievement no matter what.
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  3. davidmolliere
    Not surprised we have the same fundamental impressions, contrary would have been surprising :wink:

    I look forward to reading your Elysium review!
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  4. vilhelm44
    Nice cable, can you let me know what it is please? I'm looking at trying some new cables with my VE8, currently have Oslo.
  5. davidmolliere
    And... it was one of the hardest review with the signatures to A/B but here it is, my review of Vision Ears Erlkönig :
    The Fairy King


    Thanks to @Vision Ears for lending me a demo!
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  6. raypin
    Mm...too bad VE did not send you the full package. The erlkonig presentation case is the only presentation case I ve been using from day 1 (out of 56 presentation cases in my collection).

    Really luxurious and special.

    Good review.....and alongside the empire ears xiv ciem and the kse 1500, the erlkonig is my top 3 in-ears.

    Favorite tuning is setting 3, ideal for my preferred music.

    Worth every penny.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
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  7. davidmolliere
    @raypin Thanks :)

    Well they had the Elysium as well in the package so the footprint would have been bigger... I am sure this is an amazing experience no doubt!
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  8. raypin
    Mm...looking at the Elysium as my next ciem. Or maybe the ve8 or maybe the 64 audio a18t. Or......

    Curious about the new hybrids.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
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  9. davidmolliere
    The Elyisum is the best hybrid I have heard, I just decided not to review it since it’s an universal demo for an IEM that is meant to be a custom. My experience is that the custom is always quite different from the universal so...
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  10. mvvRAZ
    This is barely news, but I spent the last 2 days without my Elysium and the first symptoms of remission appeared after 7-ish hours
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  11. Jalo
    @davidmolliere, thank you and nicely done. I have acquired no less than four totl iems this year and none of them give me the sense of intimacy and immersion that the Erlkonig is giving me. I have been listening to the Erlkonig for five months now and I am still deep into the setting 2 abyss and not able to get out. I suppose when I finally release myself from its spell I’ll be under the spell of setting 4. It is like your are recarnating from one life to the next and you are forever cycling within these four lives.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
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  12. MrLocoLuciano
    You'll find both of my reviews of VE flagships in the Head Gear section :
    Elysium : https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/review/22877/
    Erlkönig : https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/review/22885/

    Thanks for that incredible opportunity guys @Vision Ears !

    Completely agree too, as my conclusion in the review is : What we retain with Elysium is the airy sound and vibrant dynamic. We have a clear restitution, and whose chiseled balance combines both great technicality and musicality.
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  13. mvvRAZ
    It’s pretty interesting that the Elysium’s treble reaches your tolerance... my only “criticism” if you could even call it that is that I could’ve used a touch more highs
  14. MrLocoLuciano
    Always a matter of taste I guess... And depending on fit, conduct shape, etc...
  15. mvvRAZ
    idd :)
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