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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. davidmolliere
    So I have the chance to be able to demo both the Erlkönig and the Elysium (Thanks @Vision Ears ! and @lafeuill for putting me in contact), and those babies both sound amazing but I must say, just looking at them is quite an experience as well especially the engineering on the Elysium (since shells are transparent...) is just beautiful...

    Image d’iOS (52).jpg

    Image d’iOS (54).jpg

    Image d’iOS (53).jpg

    Image d’iOS (57).jpg

    Image d’iOS (56).jpg

    Detailed impressions for both coming soon
    I'll do an Erlkönig full review, but decided not to for the Elysium since it's a universal demo and my experience is the custom is always better (which simply dazzles me since I have such a great deep fit with the Elysium demo and it sounds amazing :p).
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  2. mvvRAZ
    Soooo I take it you’re taking the plunge for your first Elysium?
  3. davidmolliere
    Well... I need to save up a bit first but it's at the top of the next purchase list indeed :grin:
  4. mvvRAZ
    Woop woop join the dark side we have Elysiums :D
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  5. kendosperling
    @davidmolliere as you had the VE8 could you please compare the two? Even from memory, as you don't have the VE8 anymore, is helpfull.
  6. Jalo
    @davidmolliere I particularly like to hear your thoughts on the mid range between the two as that is to me the defining aspect between the two, the Elysium mid uses a DD and has a softer sound presentation where as the Erlkonig’s BA mid has a clearer, faster, more dynamic sound presentation that I like.
  7. davidmolliere
    The VE8 is inked into my brain after hundreds and hundreds of hours of listening :) (Maybe there actually such a thing as listening too much to an IEM...)

    You mean compare with the Elysium or Erlkönig ?

    The Erlkönig is the closest to the VE8, you can instantly hear it's a sibling (so to speak) - I am talking about reference signature 4 (need more time to go through all of them). There is clearly more sub bass this is one area I always was left wanting for more with the VE8, not so with the Erlkönig sub bass is really great. I would say mids are fuller sounding on the Erlkönig, the VE8 mids to me are fairly neutral - lower mids are leaner. Overall I feel the Erlkönig is thicker sounding, separation is fantastic but not as accentuated as the VE8 it's not as separated. To me the VE8 has more refinement in the upper treble than the Erlkönig (again, signature 4 so there might be a signature where it's less true) but I like the Erlkönig lower treble better, more energy.

    The Elysium is quite different from both the VE8 and Erlkönig. In fact the Elysium is different from anything I have heard, period. The mids are really stunning, the star of the show : they fill out the image and at the same time they seems to contain so many layers (in all direction) and rich details with such an accurate timbre. I feel they are more neutral than the Erlkönig even on signature 4 but also thinner than both VE8 and Erlkönig (but I suspect custom Elysium would be a bit fuller). Separation is fantastic on the Elysium but it's all a "continuum of nuances", if that makes sense. You don't hear any artifical separation. Soundstage in that respect is simply fantastic... it's holographic but in a so very natural way it's eerie. Depth in particular and the layering in that direction is unreal because not used to hear it...

    The upper treble clearly benefits from the eStats, with blazing fast transients, superb extension. There is that quality that is so specific to the tech, reminiscent of the KSE1500 I owned with sort of an "ethereal" quality. There are downside to this though, it's almost a bit unreal at times, less live than the VE8 and more like enhanced. I'd still give my vote to the VE8 upper treble which I feel is more realistic. On the flipside the resolution is insanely good and the upper treble performance certainly as impact. I'll mention bass last because I see it as the supporting cast on the Elysium rather than a highlight. The bass is fast, detailed and blends perfectly into the mids. I leans toward a softer attack and a very natural decay. The VE8 has more slam, and the Erlkönig is the master of them all there.

    Hmmm, I wouldn't say the Elysium is softer... the mids are very sharp with clear edges to notes but certainly the Erlkönig's mids are more in line with the VE8 mids which are more impactful because they have more body, they sound fuller to me.

    I am talking mostly of impressions out of the N6ii with T01 motherboard here. I'd love to test this accross different sources. I ran it shortly with A01, I'll do this again. Both impressions are with their respective stock cables.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  8. mvvRAZ
    +1 on In fact the Elysium is different from anything I have heard, period
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  9. kendosperling
    Thank you very much...indeed very helpful :)
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  10. davidmolliere
    Glad I could help :)

    One thing for sure, I don't agree with people saying the Elysium is laid back and is not spectacular... it's a vibrant IEM!

    I am going to :sob: when I have to return them...

    Image d’iOS (58).jpg
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  11. kendosperling
    On a side note: I was hoping the elysium is not up to my preferences but the more i read about it the more i think an audition is absolutly necessary :wink: and this although the VE8 is fitting me very very well...
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  12. davidmolliere
    I am pretty sure everyone who found the Elysium laid back didn't have a source with enough power or gain set too low... and actually as I cycle through tracks I might revise that comment on bass, it's really good even if it gets its show stolen by the mids and highs...
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  13. Jalo
    @davidmolliere, on the Erlkonig you keep referring to signature 4, are you referring to the arrow pointing to #4 on the dial? Did you try #2 that is where most users and I listen to all my music and should have more natural bass. I have the Trinity which has a very similar treble as they use the same two estat drivers. I am also very familiar with DD driving mid range as I have five dd iems out of which 4 of them are single DD iem. These days I just love crystal clear, fast, dynamic, layered mid range, I find that is harder to achieve than going the other direction, meaning for BA drivers to become softer with layers.
  14. Jalo
    I auditioned the Elysium two times,the first time was with my Sony 1Z and the second time with my AK SP2K SS which has six volts and I can only use less than two third of the volume. The AKSP2K SS of course is known for tight attack and not known for the soft smooth sound character. I don’t think laid back is the accurate adjective to describe the Elysium’s mid range, I would just say that it has a bigger body very typical of DD character. I personally prefer the BA mid range on the Erlkonig for its life like reproduction of musical instruments including vocal. I go to club for live music a lot and I just find BA has that life music feels as least on the Erlkonig. I do have other BA iems that I do not like the mid.
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  15. davidmolliere
    Yes I am arrow pointing to #4... I'll try all signatures but I thought I'd go 4, 3, 2, 1

    Image d’iOS (59).jpg

    I didn't get the same feeling at all from the Trinity (really didn't click with me), the Elysium sounds more lively but that's from memory so...

    You can drive the Elysium loud enough fairly easily but it's not always the whole story... voltage swing but also output current rating probably come into play. I am not an engineer but I have noticed the difference between driving loud enough and well enough.

    Low efficiency DD are not the only ones that can be tricky to drive... a lot of multi BA are a lot trickier to feed proper current than it appears especially those with very low impedance. Here I don't know how the triple tech comes into play.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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