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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. Jalo
    @davidmolliere thank you for your reply. I believe setting 3 and 4 has the same and lightest amount of bass, something like -3 db when compare to setting 2 and setting 2 has -3 db of bass when compare to setting 1. There are people that said setting 1 has similar bass as Campfire Vega. And setting 4 has -3 db in the treble range so to bring out the Vocal in the mid range.

    As for the Elysium I think what gets me is the transition from treble to mid where there is a sudden change in sound character supposedly because of the change or transition from Estat driver to DD driver. Normally in triple hybrid technology arrangement they go down from Treble (HF) to BA (MF) and to DD (LF), so by the time it gets down to low frequency, the DD driver characteristic does not show up as a big contras because that’s what low frequency supposed to sound. Just my two cents :wink:
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  2. Vision Ears
    Hi Jalo,

    If I might check in here: You are correct: position 3 and position 4 technically have the same amount of bass, whereas position 4 also has decreased highs in reference to position 3.

    I hope that helps!

    All the best,

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  3. Jalo
    Thanks, that is what I understood and what I meant to say based on your previous explanation. I know I am like a broken record when I keep saying the tuning on the Erlkonig is exquisite, resolving, so smooth from the bottom frequency to the top that they (the 13 BA drivers) play like a single driver yet dynamic enough to sound like an orchestra, they don’t need to wow me with new technologies like estat, planner, or ribbon, but with common BA they are like a humble paint brush capable producing the magic of Picasso and Vicent Van Gogh. In fact one of the member from another iems company considers the Erlkonig one of the most artistic iems made. The sound presentation is unpretentious and genuine, they mesmerize you like a natural beauty without any need for any make up or beautiful clothing but merely presenting herself without guile and capable of reflecting every fleeting emotion that may cross your mind and empathize with you like your therapist. Thank you VE for such a beautiful creation.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  4. mvvRAZ
    I think VE is one of the brands that delivers one of the most consistently positive experiences out there, and that ends up generating some really hardcore fans *cough* @Jalo *cough*....

    In my entire team browsing HeadFi, I think I am yet to see someone say something negative about the company, their service, and what's most remarkable, their products

    Pretty happy I went for my second Elysium :D
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  5. Jalo
    @mvvRAZ, please call me “hardcore fans” when I order my second Erlkonig, would you? Besides I worried about your health, please take some cough drops :relaxed:
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  6. mvvRAZ
    Hahah, what cable are you running the Erl with btw?
  7. steamboiled
    I'm still impatiently waiting for my Elysium. It's a bummer you can't check the status online.
  8. mvvRAZ
    Well the silver lining is that it'll be the delivered in the exact week that was promised when you were purchasing it :)
  9. steamboiled
    MY reseller only told me it will take 4-8 weeks. That's it.
  10. mvvRAZ
    Oh that's pretty weird.... have you tried asking VE about it?
  11. steamboiled
    They just messaged me, i gave them the details of my order. I did receive the Order email with the pdf from VE but aside from that, i'm waiting blindly (madly). LOL.
  12. steamboiled
    Thanks for the support @Vision Ears. I have more clarity now on the status of my order.
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  13. mvvRAZ
    Happy to hear!
  14. SilverEars
    Agreeable impressions here. I prefer the tonality of the VE8 and Erlkonig over the Elysium as well. Prefer fuller upper-mids. VE8 is technicality lesser of the 3. Definately notice the lower definition and separation, less clean overall in response. If you compare side by side, it's easily distinguisheable.

    I wonder if electret drivers generally cause a high level of treble response? Definately quick and does have electrostat quality in how it sounds highly separated, but going toward thiness. Full size equivalent in how it's characterized would be Hifiman HE1000 series headphones. Which is a planar that sounds close to electrostats probably due to thin diaphagm.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  15. Jalo
    I thought the stock EA cable is one of the best stock cable I ever used. I have some very high end silver cable that I also like. Couple of weeks ago I was in Kong Kong and there is an ultra expensive limited edition Effect Audio: Hades that was recommended or (pushing) on me, but I did not like the treble, too dark. Then I found another cable I really like and I will upload in the next post. This add to the sound of the Erlkonig and does not subtract from it.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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