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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. AmberOzL
    Didn't you sell your Miracles Mim? I thought you were keeping only the best ones?
  2. Mimouille

    Yep I sold the Miracles since, but tried 901 with Miracles and AK120.
  3. AmberOzL
    Oh, my bad sorry. So what is your next target btw? I know you are getting NT6 but, is there a big thing that you have been waiting for? Something from Vision Ears maybe?
  4. Mimouille

    Now my targets are Earsonics EM32, new TOTL from Custom Art, Fitear 335 with mod, Vision Ear Stage 4 and Roxanne...but hard to chose.
  5. superachromat
    I am from Hong Kong and ordered the Rhines Stage 4 2 months before. Still waiting at the moment.
    Anyway, I must say the Stage 4 is one of the greatest IEM that I ever heard. Before ordering, i have tried 1p2, ie800, 846, 16pro, 13pro, stage 2, stage 3, asg2, westone 4r and I finally decided Stage 4 to be my 1st CIEM.
  6. rudi0504
    Today i received  Vision Ear Demo units stage 2.3 and 4
    Thank you Michael and Gavin and Vision Ear to let me test their product .
    I will give my impression later on 
  7. rudi0504
    I am also confuse between fit ear C435 and jh roxane and vision ear stage 4
  8. spriest
    Hi superachromat,
    Seems we are suffering from the outrageous and endless waiting for our CIEM from our "lovely" dealer... I ordered the v6-stage 2 months before and they told me I will receive my v6-stage around the end of october...but I feel they still can't make any guarantees about it,sigh.
    A bit off-topic but just curious, how 846 sounds when comparing with stage 3? is it worth ?
  9. Mimouille
    Great Rudi. Please let us know how you like them. Even if you do not like them :)
  10. rudi0504

    They are pictures inside my car :D


  11. rudi0504
    Out the box impression Vision Ear Stage 2 , 3 and 4

    Source : ak 120 as direct DAP


    Source : IBasso DX 50
    Amp : Mass Ko Bo 385
    Iems :
    From left to right :
    Vision Ear stage 2 > stage 3 > stage 4 = Tralucent 1+2 > Fit Ear MH 335 DW

    My Impression from good > very good > excellent are :
    Vision Ear stage 2 < stage 3 < stage 4 = < Tralucent 1+2 < Fit Ear MH 335 DW

    Vision ear iems are sensitive like my Fit Ear MH 335 DW

    Stage 2
    High : a bit harsh
    Mid : more to mid high and sibilance
    Bass : has not so much bass volume
    Separation : the lowest from 5 iems
    Soundstage : not so wide and not so deep

    Stage 3
    High : more refine than stage 2 more detail and not so harsh
    Mid : more balance and not so forward than stage 4, more clean and clear , a boy sibilance
    Bass : very good bass impact
    Separation : is better than stage 2
    Soundstage : is wide and better depth tha stage 2

    Stage 4
    High : the best from the vision Ears , more extended and clear , best in detail,
    Mid : more forward than stage 3 , more body and better pronounce
    Bass : I,love the bass volume and impact from stage 4
    Separation : the best from these 3 Vision Ear iems
    Soundstage : the widest and more depth than the other small brothers

    High : more refine than all stages from Vision Ear
    Mid : more natural and analog SQ
    Bass : nit as deep impact compare to stage 4 , more natural for my taste
    Separation : better than stage 4
    Soundstage : the widest and the deepest like in concert hall. From iem

    fit Ear
    High : the cleanest and the best pronounce , the high come from your music so natural
    No coloration , very clean and clear high .
    Mid : the best mid from my iems collection , very sweet and natural , clear and clean
    Very good pronounce , how the Sanger sing we can hear the breath more clear.
    Bass : the best bass impact from my iems collection.
    You can hear the kick drum very natural like in live concert
    Separation : excellent separation
    Soundstage : the second best after 1+2 and tall




  12. Mimouille
    Cool impressions Rudi. Also you must remember that these are demo versions, so most likely the sound of the real custom will be MUCH better. That is why I am hesitating to get the Stage 4. Because the demo was great, so the actual custom must be awesome.
  13. superachromat
    Hi Spriest,
    Great to meet another Hong Kong Head-fi-er here. [​IMG]
    Maybe you can give CP a call? They said I can get my Stage4 in 3 months and I really looking forward to have it by mid of Nov. Hopefully they wont miss it! And it seems there is a new dealer for Vision Ear in Hong Kong now and well...they really deliver CIEM in 1 month time!
    For 846 and stage 3...I have tried the 846 twice. To me, it really sounds quite "average" to me. There are some tricks that come with 846 which could alternate its sound, for which I do not have a chance to try yet. However, I think its performance could not justify for its price. Overall, the 846's sound (especialy vocals) will be a little bit "sweeter" than the stage3. But the stage 3 excels in other aspects.
    In my final selection process, the only 3 candidates are 1p2, stage3 and stage4. :wink:
  14. precsmo
    I keep seeing comments from many forums Caesar Palace is very slow with the order. Is that true?? My dealer here is Jaben and their service and 1st class. I'm glad to report that my order was very fast even though my order fell exactly on the same period when CM split into 2! Mine was with Vision Ears but the order was further delay to 3 more weeks as they did not receive the 1st ear impressions and it was stuck in the customs. But when they received the 2nd impressions, they took only about a week to ship the final product to me!!
  15. AmberOzL
    No love for The Wizard's K10?
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