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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. Mimouille
    All the Stage products are similar. All they told me is in the thread, nothing more...and they said the stage products are the same. Only art work is different.
  2. hilosxdd
    Sorry :p
  3. Mimouille
    No pb.
  4. lieberstanley
    As mentioned, I borrowed a FiiO X3 to pair with the Stage 4. Will update the impression soon.

  5. Ultrazino
    Nice picture! The X3 looks a lot like cheap plastic next to AK120, lol.
    I like your artwork. Mine of Rhines Customs will look similar when finished. [​IMG] 
  6. lieberstanley

    Let me put in this way, "judging from the X3's cost vs performance, it would be very difficult to justify the AK120's fat price tag!"

    Looking forward to seeing your Stage 3.

    Withdrawing a huge sum from the bank is not the hardest part, waiting is.

  7. Mimouille
    Hey guys,
    After spending some more time with the Stage 3 and Stage 4, I can say for certain that these are truly nice iems.
    The Stage 3 is more on the neutral side, and thus very versatile. It sounds good with everything I would say, because all frequencies are well balanced. I will not be getting one however because I am sometimes not engaged into the music with them. I think I just do not like neutral iems that much. Other things I noticed is that the subbass is not sufficient to me, compared to iems like the SE5 or the Stage 4. So a great all rounder but I think I want something with more flavor.
    Now the Stage 4...really difficult for me. I really like this iem. Great bass and punch with it being overwhelming or fatiguing like it can be on the Fitear 335. The mids are fluid and engaging and the high are smooth but still quite sparkly and extended. It is like a Stage 3, but performing better and more engaging to my ears. Another thing that the Stage 3 lacked a bit and is improved in the Stage 4 is soundstage depth. Right now I am considering whether I should get this custom or not. I will also wait for some friends to compare with customs I have not heard and am considering (such as the 435). Also, these demos are really not comfortable, and I hope the custom version will improve this as well as widden the soundstage a bit (not narrow by any means, but could be even wider).
    I am passing these on to spkrs01 and the rest of the crew for more impressions !
  8. lieberstanley
    According to my experience, the custom version would have a tad less bass than the demo ones. The soundstage improves with the custom version as well. Mids and highs are almost identical. Just for your reference.
  9. Mimouille
    Sounds perfect! The mids and high are perfect as is but there could be a little less bass and the soundstage could gain a bit.
  10. hilosxdd
    Any comparisons between the SE5 (if you've owned one :) ) and Stage 4 ? :wink:
  11. Mimouille

    Well you can look at my song by song impressions where I give impressions on both. Otherwise, generally speaking:
    1. The SE5 is more natural sounding, with more note weight accross the board, but the soundstage is narrower, less airy
    2. The Stage 4 has less "flavor" than the SE5 and I love the flavor of the SE5, but it has a wider and more airy soundstage. Overall, I would also say it is faster and punchier, with more bass.
  12. AmberOzL
    Geez, how could I miss this thread. Sub'd and will read later on. Stage 4 seems to be very interesting product but I am not sure when I have SE5way, is it really necessary to add into the collection.
    Maybe I can wait and see the new monitors from Rhines and Vision, there we will have a difference [​IMG]
  13. Puieh
    Thanks for creating this thread, is there anyone who can recommend me a similar sound signature as the stage 4? I have tried unique melody, jh, compact monitors demos at jaben Singapore impressed me the most actually, keep in view next in line would be rooth iems.
  14. Mimouille

    Why not get Stage 4 directly ?
  15. Puieh
    i am very tempted to get stage 4, but the price offer by the dealer in sg is marked up so much..
    i have to try to find other alternatives before subjecting myself to mark up prices for stage 4 in SG
    2.4k sgd at jabens btw for stage 4
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