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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. spriest
    Thanks rudi.I would like to point out that the design of both IEM is decisive for me.I auditioned the 1+2,amazing SQ indeed but the improper & uncomfortable seal was really annoyed me.Also the cable is too stiff and some disconnections were happened.It just simply not worth that much when I added the consideration of design into the decision. 
    In contrast,stage 4 is very comfortable for me (both VE and Rhines demo) and the cable is better than 1+2 in terms of ergonomics.
    BTW,1+2 is still valuable for sell when I decided to escape from the black hole of audio.[​IMG]
    Just my 2 cents.
  2. precsmo

    Very true!
  3. AmberOzL

    I also agree. It is not the number of BA's you fit in it, it is how you implement and tune it.
    A happy Spiral Ear SE5way owner here. With only 5 BA, a true 5 way system, it plays to top directly. If I had money, I would order Stage 4 to compare honestly, I am darn curious about that model.
  4. lee730
    But those 5 drivers are a lot bigger than the multi-driver implementations of pretty much all IEMs out there. So in other words those 5 drivers take up more room than say the 8A by a lot. This is because they are using actual single drivers and not knowles multi-driver-in-one designs.
  5. rudi0504

    My 1+2 use UBER cable SQ is better than Stage 4
    But now the price is more expensive than Stage 4. :D
  6. AmberOzL
    I didn't know that, thank you for the explanation. I know that the earpiece is quite big but it is due to the thick nature of silicone. Now I learned also the BA's are larger than usual.
    Rudi, since when the price is stopping you? [​IMG]
  7. lee730
    Well that and the crossover design on the SE5 is very complicating. So much stuff in there like it is gonna explode :p. They could probably fit a few more drivers in mine though. [​IMG]
  8. superachromat
    Hi Precsmo,
    That sounds good to you. So, how long did it take for you to get the final product? 1 month?
    For the comments on CP, I saw its around in the various HK forums. I m not sure how is their services in the past or how many cases are real or how many cases are commerical competition. Anyway, I m a 1st time customer on CP and let me see its final outcome.
  9. AmberOzL
    You like it big don't you [​IMG] Ok whatever, let's not derail the thread [​IMG]
  10. superachromat
    I faced similar situation before. Deciding between 1p2, stage 3 and stage 4. Finally, I decided to go for the stage series due to
    1. I dont have a CIEM yet. Hahaha
    2. The performance is close with tradeoff in different areas. Given the stage series are universal. It may have better performance in the customised version.
    So, finally I make a bet on the S4.
  11. superachromat
    I am not sure how they completed this. But hearing is making me believe. I truly regarded the S3 ahead of JH16pro indeed.
  12. superachromat
    Spiral Ear SE5way. Ummm....Let me check this out as well. [​IMG]
  13. superachromat
    1p2 is worth for a try. I think its a close with the S4. Just dont miss it. The demo is relocated to HMV at Tsim Sha Tsui recently. [​IMG]
  14. zenpunk
    I am confused. So if you want to order a pair of Stage 4 is it better to go through Vision Ears or Rhines? Are waiting times the same?
  15. AmberOzL
    If you can get it, go for it, there is nothing can go wrong with that model. There are even some people who stopped looking for ciems after getting it.
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