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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. Mimouille
    Who? Never heard of it...just kidding. Hum...not really. Will be waiting for more impressions and see. I am sure they sound good.
  2. AmberOzL
    Well the same for me goes to Roxanne. I have never been a fan of JHA and I saw a lot of people complaining about their customer service, build quality etc so I kinda turned off. With this Siren Series they seem to work on something quite big but I still don't trust until I see a lot more reviews and real comparisons against other TOTL c/iems.
    Btw, that's also nice to see that companies like EarSonics, Vision Ears etc don't need to put hell of a BAs in their ciems make top level products. Roxanne and K10 can speak high with their BA numbers but apparently EarSonics is just having fun 3 but correctly tuned BAs. Also that Stage 4 is very interesting and for me a good option (Germany-Belgium, I can even take a visit to their lab maybe).
    After settling down on a good dap, I will focus on their current and future models. They definitely deserve more than attention.
  3. rudi0504

    My attention are for VE stage 3 and 4

    Here some lovely pictures before I send to next luckiest 10 members :D

    VE Stage 2



    VE Stage 3



    VE Stage 4


  4. rudi0504
    The Battle France Earsonic S EM6 again Germany Vision Ear Stage 4


    Please guess who is the winner ?
  5. Mimouille
    I guess S-EM6 should win because it is a real univeral iem, whereas Stage 4 is just a demo...so the S-EM6 must be tuned better. But maybe a true custom Stage 4 would win :)
  6. Mimouille
    And Rudi take your time you can keep them 1 week :)
  7. rudi0504

    Thank you Michael

    Tonight I try with the eartips from hippo Shroom , the Hippo sound better than the stock double flange .
    High : more natural , clear and cleaner than stock double flange tips a bit harsh
    Mid : more natural and sweeter than stock double flange tips
    Bass : more control and less a little bit bass impact , to my taste more natural not so forward

    Could be the opening is smaller , reduce the harsh high a little bit to better Way


  8. TheMiddleSky
    Won't talk much about them, just want to posting some photos [​IMG]
  9. spriest
    Hi precsmo,
    That is true.This problem is really annoying and keep people stay far away from 1964Ears and Compact Monitors.It doesn't make sense when I need to wait for 2~3 months for a pair of CIEM. While I heard some Taiwanese mentioned they can receive their 1964 CIEM within or around 1 month by direct online order,so the duration of shipment theoretically needs 1~2 months when comparing with theirs? sad.
    I think Vision Ears is doing great when I just concern about the waiting time,keep going!
  10. spriest
    Actually,Stage 3 is the best IEM I have ever heard and it just a pair of demo unit.
    Regarding 1p2,I will give it a 2nd try after rudi's impression.[​IMG]
    Thanks for sharing those impressions!
  11. rudi0504

    For me between stage 4 and 1+2 are hard to decided , who has better SQ
    These two have strong and weak point .
    I tried both with 3 amps to fine the best synergy .
    Stage 4 strong point high is more extended than 1+2, faster speed , better depth
    1+2 strong point is balance and natural SQ and better bass body and wider soundstage

    For my personal impression these two are on par / with draw
    Hang from what kind music we pair with these two

  12. Mimouille
    So Rudi, are you considering buying a Stage 4?
  13. precsmo
    Hi everyone, these gems do not just end here. I've tried a number of custom cables, the one I made myself eventually sounds the best. My Stage 3 has so much more low end bass extension, tighter bass, the details of mid and high are just amazing. I will be making another one, from the same material, but as tiny and as portable as possible. The current one I made is way too bulky and too thick due to the huge y splitter and the nylon sleeve. I will be avoiding all those. The cable material is from PlusSoundAudio and it is just the cheapest $1 per foot pure copper.

    The brighter end already so much enhanced I wouldn't take the risk to try the much more expensive pure silver not the slightly more expensive silver coated copper. I will still stick with the pure copper for my upcoming cable. I just love it so much!!!!

    I will share some photos once I've made it
  14. precsmo

    I've regretted to say that I should have gained more experience during the testings by getting along different tips with the tests. I'm for sure some IEM which gave me a so so impression is highly due to the pure tips that did not work well for my ears. However, I still love my Stage 3! The most regretted was probably the bad experience with the JH13. I should go for a test again with JH13 with some different tips. I just keep seeing everyone claim that the JH13 is one of the most amazing CIEM
  15. spriest
    IMO JH13 is amazing but stage 3 is better,a proper seal of IEM is very important.I am waiting for your further comparisons [​IMG].
    Also,stage series proved the implementation is more important for sound quality instead of driver stacking.
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