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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. cskippy
    @SilverEars Here are a few pads that I had on hand, should give you an idea of what changes can be had with pad rolling.

    Note, I did not overlay them on top of each other for hopefully obvious reasons...
    Look at relative differences and reference the horizontal lines for amplitude differences:
  2. FullBright1
    I hate upper midrange honk.
    What i prefer is "natural", "balanced" = sounds just like the music......:)
    Too much treble annoys me and fatigues me, and too much bass, to my ear, ruins the overall sound of a set of headphones.
    The Sendy is not darker then the V1, but its a more compact "in front , in your face, more instant" type of sound, as compared to the V1s.
    The V1's lean more toward the sound of an LCD-X, but lack the LCD-X "thickness", regarding the way they present the lower frequencies.
    The V1s win, as compared to the Sendy's, if resolution and soundstage matter a lot to you, and they win if you like a bit of extra sparkle added to the top end.
    You've heard the high end of the V1's and the Sendy's are less, regarding this frequency.
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  3. FullBright1

    I didnt 'promote" anything., abmo.
    What i did, is consider that size matters to some people, regarding headphones, so, i posted some photos to allow potential buyers the
    opportunity to evaluate the V1's overall size as compared to a few other headphones.
    Maybe you've noticed that when a headphone is reviewed, reviewers speak about comfort, weight, ear cup size, etc.
    So, i posted photos that allow someone a chance to see "size contrast".
    I hope this helps you comprehend the purpose of my posts.
    If not, let me know, and i'll explain it to you again.
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  4. FullBright1
    Tranformers sound different. (Ask Rupert Neve).
    Cables sound different.
    Caps sound different.
    Tubes sound different.
    But if you want to continue to tell me that all gear sounds the same, .. well, i wont insult you and say you don't know what you are talking about....but, i can say is that Z-Reviews believes that all Dac's sound the same.
    My ears inform me otherwise, regarding what you are saying, but, i respect your right to keep on saying it.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
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  5. abm0
    Well, it looks like that now, after 3 posts with comparison pics. My reaction was only to the first post taken separately, where it looked somewhat like promotion of one specific competing model as being just as good but for different reasons or "flavor" elements. I had no way of knowing that was just the beginning of a series of comparative posts.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  6. cskippy
    @FullBright1 I agree with you if you reread my post.

    What I was emphasizing is that frequency response measurements do not show these auditory differences.
  7. FullBright1
    Actually, what it "looks like", is that i gave potential buyers 4 photos that are a "context evaluation".
    Its really that simple, and there is no reason for you to let photos become a problem for you, ok?
    Let it go.
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  8. FullBright1
    To be honest with you, as i am always......when i got to the part that said...>"not true", i stopped reading, and started responding.

    So, if i missed the agreement part, then, ..... its because i never made it that far....

    Im not really a chart person, or a person who uses graphs to consider sound.
    The reason is...sound is in your ears, and graphs are on a page.
    That is how disconnected they are, in reality.
    But, some people are into charts, and what is wrong with that?
    Nothing, but, im in to listening, as then i know what a chart can never truly reveal.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
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  9. abm0
    Funny thing is I already did let it go, it's all right there in plain English. *sigh*
  10. FullBright1
    Ok, fellas......this is my last size comparison of the V1, for you.
    I need to stop as a member here has become upset by the photos im posting.
    So, last one.....here you go..., and that is a Stax 3100
    The V1's are a fine sounding gear....:)
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  11. cskippy
    What many people don’t understand is the way you post on the internet can reflect how others view and interpret your message. I’m not pointing fingers here, I’m just sharing my opinion based on my experiences across different forums and discussion boards. Many people have good things to say but don’t know how to express their thoughts in the best light. It could be from a language barrier, poor articulation, or a sense of humor that doesn’t translate across text.

    I am NOT immune to this and struggle most of the time to articulate my thoughts to the best of my abilities. Sometimes I fall short with what I am trying to convey but I listen, take feedback, and try to do better.

    I think what some people might take offense at or at least disagree with is how you chose to post the photos.

    More forum friendly ways could be: multiple photos shown in one post, or take a picture with every headphone in the same shot.

    Please don’t take this post as an attack, this is a reminder for myself and hopefully can be useful to others.

    Happy listening!
  12. xRaptorxPunisher
    For years I've considered the HD650 the king of vocals, better than the Utopia, LCD-4, Aeolus. Today I made a statement to a friend that the Verum, offers a more lush, full bodied as seductive quality to vocals that I feel are superior to the HD650.

    Am I actually crazy for suggesting this. I do feel the HD650's mid to treble transition is more effortless and smoother than anything but when it comes to the human voice, I feel the Verum is the first planar to bring that planar smoothness the LCD-2C has with more presence in the upper mids to provide the best of both worlds.

    I do feel the HD650 on a good rig is something special but the upper mid shout and more grainy presentation make me reach for the Verum more.

    Thanks Cskippy for the measurements and feedback, you're a big help in the audio community across all forums!
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  13. CoFire
    Comparisons and impressions are exactly why I read these threads. Everything in this hobby is a comparison. If you haven't figured that out, buy another headphone, then you'll compare like everyone else does. I appreciate honest comparisons even if they aren't in the exact price bracket. I'm sure if one offends a sponsor the mods will take care of it. Please ANYONE compare the V1 to the LCD2C, LCDX, 400i, HEX V2, Ananda, etc. ALL headphone designers should be aware their gear MUST compete with the market. As long as a poster isn't trolling a particular headphone without informative discussions, then this is exactly where i go for this info. I haven't seen any trolls on this thread.

    For ALL those comparisons out there, my sincerest thanks.

    Can you provide a more detailed comparison against the LCDX? Thanks for all those photos. I have the HEX V2 (great headphone) and i didn't expect the Verum One to be that big. Can you comment on the Verum One vs the HEX V2? This is probably a bad comparison but i only ask since I have it and because it's been touted as the warmest Hifiman.

    I think this is sort of funny because you did kind start questioning the sound of the pads from that graph. I've read many of your impressions and I do gather you listen and respond based more on emotion than technicalities (not that they aren't included) which i think is great. Know your poster, right?

    I agree, nobody ever heard a frequency graph and unless one enjoys listening to spectrum sweeps, that's about the only way you'll hear one. Given that, they are useful as a tool among impressions, comparisons to known gear, impulse response graphs and of course waterfall plots. Most people probably put too much weight in FR plots but I appreciate anyone who posts them. Most times even a part of a much bigger picture is valuable. If all variables are the same, plots comparing different pads are absolute valuable even without all the other data. You aren't looking at sound so much as effect which i think an FR plot does very well in this specific application.
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  14. SoundHelmet
    No one can hear FR graphs.
    No one can hear written impressions either.
    They are all tools that will never approach putting headphone on your head.

    We do what we can.

    That said. I will definitely be pad swapping the verums once they arrive. The convenience is too much
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  15. abm0
    If anything, they don't put enough weight in the FR graphs, because most people, including a lot of experienced headphone enthusiasts, don't understand enough wave physics and signal theory to know just how much information is captured in the FR and how much it overlaps with what can be seen in other projections like impulse and step responses and even CSDs. It's all one phenomenon, it can't change on one frequency-domain graph and not change correspondingly on all the time-domain graphs. A system showing near-perfect FR will also show near-perfect impulse response, step response and CSD, and the other way around. And focusing on FR of all these is probably optimal, since most people can get a pretty good understanding of what makes a "good" FR even without much technical education, whereas with the other graphs (even though they're showing the same information) it's harder to learn how to read them correctly.
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