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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. Th3Drizzl3
    the carbon is so sick. you have to see it in person to really appreciate it imo (a friend got his set i was able to see). did you get yours yet to see it first hand? the zebra imo is nice but im not a fake wood type of person. i agree they are not bad but disappointed.
  2. omniweltall
    I have the carbon right here.

    I had a hard time choosing between Zebrano and Carbon. It was easier at first when one of them had golden grill. But when both had silver grill later on, the choice became much harder. If we were closeby, I would gladly switch with yours though.

    Have a listen, mate. Been listening to it for hours and hours. Rock, jazz, pop. This sounds good.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  3. Th3Drizzl3
    i agree these were the only two i was deciding between i am not a gold person really at all. again they are nice (my second fav) of the 4. i like the extra fiber like look of the carbon he got. they look WAY better then normal carbon hydro dip (which i personally have done hydrodipping) its not that i hate them but when you are waiting for something and get all hyped when you get them and open the box like yessss then like nooooo. lol. i actually would have liked the bobinga better also with silver,
  4. omniweltall
    Yeah totally get you. I know it all too well lol.
  5. Th3Drizzl3
    ill listen to them later when i get back home one of my grills has a small scratch in the silver metal also not to bad but im a bit ocd lol. otherwise almost flawless just a very few super tiny bits in the finish on the edges. overall great for someone building them like he did though. finish is as nice as audioquest imo they have a few specks also
  6. Suppa92
    I'm bit worried about Verum's resistance. I feel that thx 789 with balanced dac (SMSL SU-8) could blow these drivers even in the low gain.
    Is anyone of you using verums with THX 789 & balanced dac?
  7. omniweltall
    Don't worry about the balanced DAC. It don't matter. Just focus on the 789.

    I'm using the stock SE cable. The 789 should output less impedance (0.5 ohm, I think) through the SE. It is fine so far. I would recommend people avoid going balanced (out of the amp) with this can. But I heard some people tried it and it was OK.
  8. Hifiearspeakers
    How’s the soundstage and separation with these? Any comparisons of those traits to other headphones?
  9. omniweltall
    This is a fine planar, man. And a breath of fresh air at the current price trend. This somewhat reminds me of the Abyss. But this is more flowing and better overall tonality.

    Soundstage is kind of unique, more deep than wide. Combined with the large sound, feels kinda like listening to speakers. Separations is good, but capped by the narrower width.

    What do you want to compare with?
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
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  10. Hifiearspeakers
    Compared to something like the Hifiman Edition X V2, LCD 2 or 3, Sennheiser hd650, etc.
  11. omniweltall
    Planar vs Dynamics will be different. In general, good planars will have that bass advantage, and struggle with the mids and treble against good dynamics. On soundstage, planars have great separation in general. But good dynamics, to me, have more natural soundstage. Keep in mind that the Verum is still a planar sound.

    Compared to HD650, think of the Verum like the HD600. It is more neutral, not laid-back at all. Great extension from bottom all the way to the top. This is an engaging but flowing sound. HD600/650 have TOTL mids and treble tonality. The Verum probably is the planar that I tried that get the closest. It has that same smooth body. The Verum has better macro-dynamics and much better bass than the HD600/650 though. Makes it a better listen for hard rock.

    The Verum also reminds me of my past HE-500. The HE-500 has a lush midrange tonality that I loved, but it came at the cost of detail. The Verum sounds clear, doesn't sacrifice detail, and still manage to come out flowing. The Verum's bass is also layered and extends lower, while the HE-500 sounded one-note. This is Audeze level bass. Reminds me of the LCD-X, which is probably the best bass I've tried. But this dont have the X"s wonky treble and sounds more flowing in the mids.

    I haven't tried the HEXv2 unfortunately. The HEXv1 has a good warm-ish laid-back tonality. The kind that you can listen for hours and hours. But it is not a technical headphone. It sounds soft, diffused, and doesn't do details well. Macro-dynamics also suffer. I got bored of it pretty quickly, just like the HE1000v1. The Verum is not a warm laid-back phone. It is focused, grounded, and engaging, yet I can also listen to it for hours. It has better body, transients, leading attacks, and dynamics. Bass is far apart in both impact and quality. However, the HEXv1 feels more open and airy. I haven't even touched on price difference and build quality yet. The HEXv1 was priced at around $1700. The Verum is $350. The Verum is much better-built and sturdier. Even the cable can put HEXv1 cable to shame.

    There are quite a few variations of the LCD2 and 3. Old LCD 2 had that delicious lower mid, oh God. But that was a heavily colored flavored mid and geared towards male vocal. This is neutral. So can't compare really. I also shared my thought against the 2C above. I think of the Verum as a neutral 2C. The Verum is a more versatile can. Also, better detail and clarity.

    We can compare the Verum point-by-point with other cans. But there is something about the Verum in totality that just sounds good to me. I have been listening to it a lot lately. Just going through all my playlist. This is a big sound at a small price.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
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  12. Suppa92
    I heard that THX amp's warranty doesn't cover damages done to amp if it's connected to a headphone which has resistance lower than 12 ohms. is that true?
  13. omniweltall
    That's what I heard. I'm not sure. But I ain't too worried about it. That thing outputs 0.5 ohm in SE. Should be fine.
  14. Suppa92
    I have a SMSL SU-8 and when I'm using it's SE output it makes some hissing noise and Balanced doesn't. that's why I have to use Balanced out of the dac.
    Could that be a problem to drive Verums and 789 safely?
  15. omniweltall
    That's weird. You're outputting the SMSL to the THX 789, right? Shouldn't have any effect, to my knowledge.
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