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USB Audio Recorder PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 5, 2014.
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  1. doctorjuggles
    I encountered a strange one this morning. Listening through an LG V20 directly to the earphones (no external DAC is present) and on an album I've not listened to for ages. Anyway, there were lots of audible and annoying clicks and cracks, especially on drum beats and other parts that require, I assume, more power than the quieter pieces. I thought the file might be wrong, so I tried it on my PC, no such problems. Then I tried it on the phone again through another audio player, also no problem. Back in UAPP and the problem was still there. By sheer luck, the first thing I tried was to set bit perfect mode to "No" (it was set on "When available") and the problem went away immediately. Turning it back on, the problem returns.
    Very strange. I don't really know enough about it to know what's happening, but that seems like it shouldn't happen, right?
  2. Davy Wentzler
    If the track has audio over 0dB, then yes, it will produce distortion/cracks in bit-perfect mode. Is it an OGG file or FLAC file?
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  3. doctorjuggles
    It's FLAC. Is there an explanation for simple people that's not too technical that I might be able to look up to understand? (Curiosity really, I like knowing how things work and if I can fix them)
  4. doctorjuggles
    Actually just remembered, it's OGG (my artist/group albums are all FLAC while my mixes/compilations are OGG, hence me confusing myself)
  5. Davy Wentzler
    It's rather hard to explain and it always upsets me greatly when I find mastered audio tracks that have audio above 0dB. Lucky for you is that in next release, this problem is 'solved' for OGG files. However, it is rather pointless to enable bit-perfect on these files since OGG is a lossy compression form and audio above 0dB will be scaled down such that the maximum is 0dB, so it won't ever come out bit-perfect anyway.
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  6. prozach1576
    I cannot get UAPP to scrobble to my last.fm account, either using the app's built-in functionality or with an external scrobbler like Scroball. Is this a known issue? Is there some kind of trick to it?
  7. Davy Wentzler
    I just recently tested it, so it might be a wrong user name and password.
  8. Mastermind
    Hi @Davy Wentzler , after one of the recent updates,during folder playback, I see the "parsing folders" messages for a couple of seconds, before opening a folder (I believe it parsed them previously too, judging from the delay, before you added the message). This parsing delay is a bit annoying and breaks user experience, especially when browsing different folders fast.
    Could you add an option to disable it manually? I remember in the previous versions of UAPP folders were opening almost with no delay disregarding number of files inside.
  9. Davy Wentzler
    The message only comes up when there are more than 40 tracks in the folder. The app needs to scan the meta data (in order to sort them on track number for example and determine if the file contains embedded art). Before this, the app would take a long time filling the queue after selecting a track in the folder. Now that's much faster (if there are less than 500 tracks in the folder) and you can therefore also select another track in the same folder faster. It's either this or the other way, but the current way has more benefits.
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  10. Mastermind
    Thanks for explaining this, Davy. I assume you mean resolving the sorting issues when track queue in the playlist did not correspond to actual track order in the folder? If so, you did a pretty good job! That was actually the first issue I met and contacted you regarding that a while ago. It's really great you managed to fix it.

    Anyway, if you find an alternative way to parse files and avoid long delays many people including me would be very grateful. Those, who listen through folders, usually use folders containing albums or compilations and in some cases they can grow quite large in terms of number of files inside, taking into account that modern DAPs can easily handle memory cards up to 512Gb.
  11. prozach1576
    It finally started working after about the fourth try at entering my credentials. Probably user error!
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  12. Davy Wentzler
    Yes, that was the fix about. What I don't understand (really, no offense), is why people don't organize albums and artist by folders, like
    <Artist A>
    <Album x>
    <Album y>
    <Album z>
    <Artist B>


    Since albums usually don't have more than 20 tracks, you would never run into performance issues.
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  13. Mastermind
    No problem) It's just a totally different (from iTunes or playlist listening) listening habit. I'm a long time Windows user and in the 90-x we used to listen to various personal music collections through WinAmp and similar software players (just like tapes or CDs). Such collection could include hundreds of songs (the best selected songs from various artists and albums) and files could be sorted in any different way, like any other regular file, there.

    However today, the "playlist/library" sorting method (by album, artist, genre etc.) simply gives a bunch of folders containing one-two files if we use it instead of the "folder" listening mode. For example, one of your competitors just makes listening to music organized this way impossible because of this issue.

    When I add music to my DAP, I usually have like 20-30 folders and around a hundred of files in the root folder, so both proper file sorting and parsing speed are important to me.
  14. 1000ROUNDZ
    Hello @Davy Wentzler

    With my Hiby R5's random clicking sound issues, I've nailed it down to MQA tracks. I have to switch to a non-MQA song on Tidal and back to the MQA song for the song to play normally whenever I encounter the random intense clicking sound. I've tried adjusting various buffer sizes but to no avail. However, the issue vanishes when I disable the HiRes Direct Driver and switch back the Original Android Driver, but this disables MQA playback capability.

    One interesting behavior is that with HiRes Direct Driver enabled, I have no issue with clicking sounds if I play through my Mojo connected to the R5.

    Would the above help you solve the issue with R5 and MQA?

  15. Davy Wentzler
    The Hiby R5 is not supported at all. The config file does not state a HiRes mode AFAIK and can only be accessed by system apps using ALSA directly. Perhaps things changed, but that's the last thing I heard from it.
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