1. A

    Looking for transport like Xduoo X10T II

    Hi, I am looking for something along the lines of Xduoo X10T II: a simple digital transport that will have minimal influence on sound. While X10T II looks good and have very favorable reviews (while only few including those on head-fi, but I do remember it is a niche equipment) I wonder if there...
  2. virgopunk

    Small Budget DAP/Transport with USB output?

    So, here’s what I’m searching for: A small (smaller than, and complimenting, the Chord Mojo) budget bit-perfect DAP/Transport that includes a digital output (either Coax/USB or Optical), ability to use an OTG storage device (pref USB-C), at least 1 Micro-SD slot. APTx or LDAC Bluetooth (with a...
  3. B

    Pro-ject CD Box RS, any thoughts?

    Hi guys, this is my very first post on head-fi. First a brief introduction of my background: I became an audiophile 2014 when i first started with my AKG K702 and a Cambridge DAC Magic + a DIY Amp. Later because of moving, I sold all my equips and last year I picked up this hobby again...
  4. P

    Family matters, BDP-6700 to de-embedder to HD-DAC1 to Grado MS-1?

    This is setup is for my dad who would be happy listening to the old mp3 CDs I made him a long time ago on the Grado Alessandro MS-1 I bought for him a while back. I recently discovered that a couple easy changes were holding back my personal audio setup from being great and and while my dad...
  5. Cayin iDAP-6

    Cayin iDAP-6

    Dedicated transport with numerous outputs including I2S. Plays music from local files (SD Card, USB drives) or over the network (SMB, DLNA). Matches with the other Cayin i-series desktop gear.
  6. project86

    Cayin iDAP-6 - versatile new desktop transport

    USB backlash! That's how I'd characterize the sentiment I've heard over the past year or so from a decent number of forum dwellers. Which I find very interesting... because if we go back maybe 5 or 6 years prior, we find people were thrilled about the advent of computer audio made easy. Thanks...
  7. NZtechfreak

    USB Audio Player PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

    As discussed in the Android USB audio thread, thought I would start a thread about this great Android app so we could separate the discussion about it a bit from the general USB audio thread.   For those of us with Android devices this app is hugely important for a few reasons.   The first...