1. Digital7

    JDS LABs C5D vs FiiO E17K

    I've been doing several hours of testing between these two; i have both of them. During all the testing I could barely tell them apart. I even swapped headphones just to be thorough. I'm quite surprised at the E17K, it proved to be highly competent. I only got the JDS C5D 2 days ago...
  2. kilspeed111

    Need some help with new headphones.

    Hey guys,   I made this account just to ask you proffessionals this question.. I got the beats pro at the moment, but everywhere i hear that these suck. So i'm going to sell these and get the Ultrasone pro 900.. The problem is, i usually listen to music with my ipod, i pretty much like...
  3. adammax

    Increasing bass for W4R

    Hi guys,   Just got a pair of W4R. However, coming from ATH M50, I find the bass lacking in W4R. Is there any ways I can increase the bass? I'm using star tip. The foam tip seems to increase the bass, but for comfort, I'll prefer the star tip, Any advice?
  4. Law87

    Ibasso D-zero vs JDS Labs C5

    hey guys, can anyone give me feed back on these 2? I'm looking for a portable amp to drive my Alpha Dog on the go, TIA.
  5. nick1983

    best portable amp for B&O H6 and ipod/iphone

    Hi Guys,   Relatively new to all this, and would appreciate your advice as I'm unable to try individual units, so am hoping others have experience with the H6 headphones.   I have B&0's H6 headphones and will be using either iphone or ipods when travelling   In looking for a portable amp...
  6. kawaivpc1

    A list of USB portable headphone amplifiers that support Android powered cellphones?

    Hello guys. I'm looking for a portable headphone amp with USB input that support Android cellphones and other devices. I will going to use it with a USB Audio Player PRO app. Please list all of them you guys know! so far, the only thing I have found is iDSD Nano.   It seems like some of USB...
  7. FiJAAS

    Fiio E12 vs. JDS Labs C5 Amp

    On on the verge of purchasing my first audiophile setup. So far I have these items marked down that's a for sure purchase... iPod Classic 7th Generation Beyerdynamic DT-770 250 OHM Fiio L9 Now the issue I'm having is which portable amplifier is better and more powerful to drive the cans while...
  8. BucketInABucket

    JDS Labs C5 VS Headstage Arrow

    Which amp is better? Looking for a good amp with a bass boost and am considering both of these options to go with my Apex Glacier. Going to be pairing the amp with the DX50 > VK-1/HD25 ALU.
  9. NZtechfreak

    USB Audio Player PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

    As discussed in the Android USB audio thread, thought I would start a thread about this great Android app so we could separate the discussion about it a bit from the general USB audio thread.   For those of us with Android devices this app is hugely important for a few reasons.   The first...
  10. B

    WTB: JDS C5 amp

    WTB: JDS C5 amp
  11. SkyBleu

    {Review & Unboxing} JDS Labs C5: The Definition of Neutrality

    Review on the JDS Labs C5 Fellow Head-Fi'ers, I am here to present you all with my first review on an audio product, the JDS Labs C5; so if I do anything that does not appear right, feel free to correct me, and let me know! I'll also mention here, as I have done in the past with any of my...
  12. MattyB37

    JDS Labs C5D, C5 plus DAC!

    Just heard about this on Reddit and didn't see a thread here. I've been considering getting a DAC and an amp to use with my iPhone 5 and this looks perfect for the price ($249)   I emailed Jason from JDS and he says it DOES work with iPhone 5 (and other devices obviously), you do need a...
  13. ostewart

    JDS Labs C5/C5D (pg96) portable amp/amp+DAC

    INFO: http://www.jdslabs.com/products/70/c5-headphone-amplifier/ http://www.jdslabs.com/products/84/c5d-amplifier-dac/         JDS Labs C5 Review:   I would like to thank John for sending me this engineering sample of the C5 for me to review. I will write as honest review as possible...
  14. IaHawkeye

    Vmoda Verza vs. JDS C5d

    Anyone heard both? Anyone have any opinions of either one of these, or ideals both? Looking at getting one of these for my JH Roxanne's and IPhone 5, kind of up in the air though, the connivence of the verza with the case is nice, but it's going to be $400 more....I hear good things about the...
  15. fizzle

    Looking for IEMs with similar sound signature to Beyerdynamic T90

    I love my Beyers. I need IEMs now that I'm commuting again, and I was hoping to find something with a similar sound signature as my Beyers. Anyone have any ideas? I purchased the HIFIMAN RE-600 a few days ago, waiting to try them out when they arrive but I'm a little concerned about the build...
  16. JDS Labs C5D

    JDS Labs C5D

    C5D is a high-performance portable headphone amplifier featuring digital volume control, multi-position bass boost, dual gain, and asynchronous digital-to-analog conversion compatible with iPad, iPhone, and all UAC1 compatible operating systems.