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  1. S

    Request for earphones suggestions to use Hi-Fi Quad DAC in LG g8X

    Greetings to all members, Thank you for your time. I have query regarding earphones for using with Hi-fi Quad DAC. I have LG g8x phone and used LG earphones which came with phone (Now the left side earphone not working) I am planning to buy a Earphone for using with Hi-fi Quad DAC in my...
  2. Bluecactus123

    Sony Xperia mk II or Asus ROG 5?

    Does anyone know which phone has better sound quality? I do not need a lot of power, as I'm using IEMS (EE Legend X). I've come across mixed information about Sony here, and very little about ROG 5. Thank you :)
  3. Bluecactus123

    Best audiophile phones apart from LG

    With LG shutting down their phone division, many people will have to find a replacement for their V and G series of LG phones, including myself. Are there any other phones which deliver as good audio experience as LG? Thanks
  4. S

    Bass from Lg's quad dac (The new G8).

    Hi, I am a bass lover ,came here to know what do you think about Lg's quad dac, I have been using zte's nubia Z9 mini for three years , it's audio is great especially its heavy bass with Sony xb55ap ,wanna buy the new lg g8, how's the bass of it or what about the v40. Cannot settle with a phone...
  5. F

    LG G7 ThinQ for TinAudio T2 earphones - does it make sense?

    Ok first of all I know an absolute screwall about the whole audio equipment thing so sorry if I'll sound ignorant. Anyway. I'm kinda inclined on buying the phone LG G7 Thinq. I like to listen to music a lot and I've heard some hype about its 'Quad DAC' or whatever, saying it sounds better than...
  6. B

    LG G7's ES9218P DAC noises and clipping

    My LG G7 with QuadDAC turned on is acting really weird... On normal mode everything is alright, but with QuadDAC it distorts too much at maximum volume (sounds like severe bass clipping)... And also, normal mode does not make hissing noises while rotating the plug and QuadDAC does, and it does...
  7. RockStar2005

    iFi xDSD Quick Review (vs. the LG V30 "Quad DAC")

    Quick review of the iFi xDSD (see pictures below): General info: Just bought the xDSD last week and finally had a chance to audition it last night. The device has a fantastic high-end feel and metallic look to it, and is both very portable and easy to use! The boxing and presentation is really...
  8. NZtechfreak

    USB Audio Player PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

    As discussed in the Android USB audio thread, thought I would start a thread about this great Android app so we could separate the discussion about it a bit from the general USB audio thread.   For those of us with Android devices this app is hugely important for a few reasons.   The first...