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  1. T

    Hi-Res Help

    Good evening, I would like help deciding which level of DAP I should purchase. I have in the past had a nice home audio listening setup of Schiit Audio gear consisting of a headphone amp and a dac connected to my macbook with a 2 tb ssd drive and running hifiman he400s. I had to sell all of...
  2. sunshine83

    - I Need Your Help Guys! (about MQA) -

    Hi everyone! I'm not that expert in audio but I can still distiguish the difference between CD audio and Hi-Res audio :) I gues this is a good thing :) Currently I discovered MQA files from Tidal and I really liked their sound. They sound like hi-res tracks but the size of the file is...
  3. FiiO

    [FiiO M3K] Probably the Most Cost-Effective Hi-Res Music Player, Discrete HiFi DAC Chip, Supports up to 384K/32B

    A. Build -- Aluminium alloy + in-cell tempered glass + one-handed control Right now most of the cellphone manufacturers are using bigger and bigger screen which makes the phone bigger and bigger. The DAP market is also the same case. But we know that there're still a lot of users like me still...
  4. NZtechfreak

    USB Audio Player PRO (UAPP): 24- and 32-bit playback, ubiquitous USB audio support for Android

    As discussed in the Android USB audio thread, thought I would start a thread about this great Android app so we could separate the discussion about it a bit from the general USB audio thread.   For those of us with Android devices this app is hugely important for a few reasons.   The first...