1. F

    Compiling a list of smartphones with native DSD support

    Hello, This is my first post here and thanks for having me. I'm compiling a list of smartphones that have native DSD support and I would like the help of you. LG: V10 V20 V30 and G6 - up to android 9. V40 and G7 - up to android 9. V35 up to android 10 VIVO xplay6 NEX S Meizu MX4 Pro 5...
  2. A

    Android equalizer for portable dac

    I have a dragonfly black. I can't seem to find an android equalizer that works with it. I've tried Equalizer FX, 10 band eq and some other but none have any effect on the dragonfly. Which is a shame since I'd love to eq my headphones through my phone.
  3. redi1972

    Dragonfly Cobalt and Android

    Hey all, I just got myself a Dragonfly Cobalt to use with PC/laptop and my Android phone. Regarding the latter, I found good information hard to find, but as far as I can tell any USB DAC on Android will have the problem of Android upsampling 44.1kHz files (i.e. all mp3 files in general) to...
  4. HiBy R8 Aluminum

    HiBy R8 Aluminum

  5. H

    Android DAP with LDAC in USB DAC mode

    Are there any that can work as an LDAC transmitter whille in DAC mode for a computer? I am not interested in DAPs that cannot do both at the same time I am not interested in AAC or AptX or the pet dog It has to be running Android Thanks
  6. Shanling M6

    Shanling M6

  7. H

    USB Audio Routing

    Hello, I'm new in this forum, and I have seen a lot of Audio USB theads about play, record, and use DAWs, but none of them solves my problem. I want to reproduce and record audio simultaneously with my Android Smartphone, I mean that I want to send and receive audio with my smartphone...
  8. Steve Guppy

    Which music player and why?

    I'm currently an avid fan of Neutron, having switched from PowerAMP a year or two ago. I started off with cheap in-ears plugged straight into my phone, and have gradually progressed to a dedicated dac/amp feeding good iem's via a 2.5mm balanced connection. But reading through various posts here...
  9. N

    Is AAC worse on Android than iOS?

    Found this article interesting Anecdotally I have always found there to be something better about Bluetooth on iOS and this only really changed when I started using the Sony 1000 m2/m3s and LDAC with Tidal Hifi...
  10. P

    Hiby R6 Pro, Any MAC users own this?

    Hi all, and thanks for taking me in. I'm a life-long Mac computer user who always had iPods - many of them. Recently, the last of the iPods has started to die, so I went looking for a better alternative, one that could play high-res audio like 192K FLAC files, etc. I landed on the Hiby R6...
  11. BrockSamson

    Macbook Pro or Android dual output to headphones + Buttkicker

    I want to get a 2nd audio setup for the office. Source would be Spotify premium via a Macbook Pro and/or possibly an Android phone. The issue is that I want a Buttkicker in the mix which kinda throws a wrench into normal way of connecting everything. I see 3 obvious solutions but I'm not sure...
  12. F

    Sabaj DA2 buzzing on Samsung S7 Edge...

    It works lovely on the desktop with windows 10 However when I put it on my Samsung S7 Edge, all I hear is a big buzz I don't even have to try playing music, simply connecting to my phone with a micro-usb to micro-usb cable and headphones to the da2. I tried an OTG cable and usb-a to micro-usb...
  13. M

    [question] which USB C headphones adapter works with Apple headset?

    Situation: I have two Apple Earpod 3.5mm plug Other than one from Apple, volume control doesn't work. The USB C adapter has rather low volume and I have no idea how to hack. I am still looking for other adapter works with Apple headset. Is there any recommendations?
  14. C

    Equalizer app from programming learner

    Dear all, I've recently written an equalizer app, which lets users tune their earphones with an image of frequency response curve. Since I'd never learnt app programming before and this is the first time I've ever written an app, I wonder if there's anyone who's interested in trying the app and...
  15. Shanling

    Shanling M6 Player - New version with ESS DACs coming soon

    From April 2021, only new version of M6 will be available. Shanling M6 (21) What is different on M6 (21)? - Pair of ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M DACs - New amplifier circuit to go with this new DAC - MQA support - Available only as black body with gold wheel - MSRP 569 USD / Euro All other...
  16. HiBy R5

    HiBy R5

    New HiBy R5 Portable Audio Player Featuring 4.4mm Balanced Output, Android 8.1 Oreo and Snapdragon 425 Processor Parameters Make/Model: HiBy R5 Operating System: Android 8.1 SoC: Snapdragon 425 No. of CPU Cores: 4 CPU Max Frequency: 1.4GHz DAC: CS43198 x 2 Input Method: Touchscreen...
  17. F

    Sennheiser momentum 2.0 wireless recessed bass

    Connected to my Honor 9 smartphone my Momentum 2.0 wireless headphones have no sub-bass and very little bass with the mids overpowering the other frequencies. But with the headphones connected by wire to the phone the sub-bass and bass can be clearly heard and the mids sound less loud and...
  18. billbishere

    Audeze Cipher cable w/ Android Anker Adapter

    As some of you may know Anker recently came out with a USB C to Lighting adapter that works with the Audeze Cipher cable. My question is this, those who have it knowing that there isn't a Android app to adjust EQ. Have any of you tried to adjust the EQ on say a ipad or iphone first and see...


    Tired of using dongles? We are thrilled to announce our newest offering to the market - USB Type C termination for custom IEM and headphone cables such as 2-pin, MMCX, A2DC, IPX/T2, Audeze, Sennheiser, among others. Features: High quality plug-sized Type C connector with DAC/AMP built-in Play...
  20. FiiO M11

    FiiO M11

    The M11 was released on FiiO 2019 Spring Launch Event on March 16th, 2019, featuring the following: A. Industrial Design: All linear design + Bezel-less design + 18 : 9丨720P touch screen + Double-sided glass design + High-tech carbon fiber texture + Three-dimensional textured golden wheel +...
  21. iBasso DX220 Reference DAP

    iBasso DX220 Reference DAP

    DX220 Reference DAP Dual ES9028Pro DACs / 5.0inch 1080P Full Screen / On Cell Touch Panel / Octa Core CPU / Android OS / XMOS USB-DAC / Femtosecond Oscillators / Quick Charge / Replaceable AMP Card Specifications: Model: DX220 Color: Gunmetal + Black Device Body Material: Aluminium Alloy...
  22. S

    Bass from Lg's quad dac

    Hi guys, I am a bass lover ,came here to know what do you think about Lg's quad dac, I have been using zte's nubia Z9 mini for three years , it's audio is great especially its heavy bass with Sony xb55ap ,wanna buy the new lg g8, how's the bass of it or what about the v40. Cannot settle with a...
  23. Tanelorn

    USB Audio Player Pro on Android plays too fast..

    Hey mates. I have the following issue, maybe someone else also experienced that: Connected my phone (Huawei mate 20 Pro) to my DAC (Hiby R3) I can playback music via USB Audio Player on about 3x speed.. no matter if I reste the settings to default, if I stream from Tidal or play local files...
  24. redrol

    The PowerAmp for Android thread I recommend trying the Beta channel: I looked a bit and never saw a thread dedicated to PowerAmp on android. IMO the best portable audio software for a phone and why it might deserve a thread for itself...
  25. outerspaceface

    Chord Mojo: worth switching to iPhone?

    Hello fellow enthusiasts, I am about to get a new phone and switching to the iPhone XS appeals to me to be able to route all audio through the Mojo whereas on my Galaxy s8, I am limited to only using USB audio player pro. However, Android has built-in hi-res music support so I can connect my...