1. Tanelorn

    USB Audio Player Pro on Android plays too fast..

    Hey mates. I have the following issue, maybe someone else also experienced that: Connected my phone (Huawei mate 20 Pro) to my DAC (Hiby R3) I can playback music via USB Audio Player on about 3x speed.. no matter if I reste the settings to default, if I stream from Tidal or play local files...
  2. redrol

    The PowerAmp for Android thread I recommend trying the Beta channel: I looked a bit and never saw a thread dedicated to PowerAmp on android. IMO the best portable audio software for a phone and why it might deserve a thread for itself...
  3. outerspaceface

    Chord Mojo: worth switching to iPhone?

    Hello fellow enthusiasts, I am about to get a new phone and switching to the iPhone XS appeals to me to be able to route all audio through the Mojo whereas on my Galaxy s8, I am limited to only using USB audio player pro. However, Android has built-in hi-res music support so I can connect my...
  4. chihwahli

    Replaygain tool Android?

    Does anyone know a working Replaygain tool for Android? Windows has Foobar2000, which works great, but the workflow is kinda long, should be shorter. Would like to use a program to change Replaygain on android itself. Replaygain must not be a static setting of for instance -10dB for every...
  5. Benz-Fi

    FS/FT Hiby R6 Black Alum Android Dap - Sealed Brand New (SOLD)

    Looking to sell or trade a Brand New Hiby R6 Dap. Box is sealed and never opened with full warranty. Asking $450 - I'll cover shipping, buyer covers PP fee. Ships from US Or looking for Trades: Lotoo Paw 5K MK II, Cozoy REI or any high end closed back headphones
  6. A

    Is Spotify compatible with an usb dac on Android 8?

    I have a pair of m50x and since they sound pretty bad from my (android) phone I decided to get an amp/dac Fiio Btr1k. The fiio device can be used wired or wireless, but I don't know if I can use its dac function through bluetooth and I don't know if I can use it connected to my phone through usb...
  7. A

    Usb dac working with spotify on Android 8?

    I have a pair of m50x and since they sound pretty bad from my (android) phone I decided to get an amp/dac Fiio Btr1k. The fiio device can be used wired or wireless, but I don't know if I can use its dac function through bluetooth and I don't know if I can use it connected to my phone through usb...
  8. Benz-Fi

    Hiby R6 Android Player - Brand New (Sealed)

    Brand new in the box, sealed and never opened Hiby R6 Player is in Black Aluminum, great player for a great price: $425 Price includes Shipping in the US, buyer pays PP fees. - Will consider trade offers, looking for TOTL IEMs and Headphones. Please PM with any questions
  9. OldDude04

    (SOLD)-Huawei MediaPad 3 8.4" Tablet with all accessories and case

    Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my mint condition Huawei MediaPad 3 8.4" tablet w/ octacore, 64gb, 4gb ram, Harmon Kardon speakers, 2560 x 1600 Display w/ all original packaging including AKG IEMs and a screen protector. I'm also including a smoked grey silicone case - $160 PICS I'm doing a...
  10. HiBy R6 Pro

    HiBy R6 Pro

    LINK TO OFFICIAL HiBY R6 PRO PAGE HiBY R6 Pro technical specifications: General: Operating System: Android8.1 CPU Model: Snapdragon 425 SoC CPU Structure: Quad-Core A53 CPU Frequency: 1.4GHz Display: 4.2 inches, IPS (Corning Gorilla Glass), 768*1280 Touch Screen: G+FF/5 Storage: RAM 3GB ROM...
  11. S

    New Member - question about Android EQ apps

    I'm new here, been lurking for about a week. Picked up RHA TrueConnect and was referred here from a /r/earbuds thread on reddit. I've owned more than a few Bluetooth headphones through the years but the ones that stick out in my memory are, Moto S9, Moto S10-HD, LG Tone 750, LG Tone 770, and...
  12. O

    Hiby R3, Pioneer XDP-300 or Cayin N5ii

    Hi guys, so new to the forum, however in need of a digital audio player, so here I am for advice. My proposal; Hiby R3: small, beautiful and a tiny marvel! Pioneer XDP-300: little big, ability to use android apps such as Spotify and not just tidal, dual DAC and Amp combo and a much higher...
  13. largeruk

    Cheap but decent IEMs with mic?

    Hi to all Would really appreciate some advice/pointers/recommendations re a cheap but decent sounding pair of in-ear headphones. Do such things exist?! I listen to a mix of stored music, music streamed via Spotify, podcasts and audio books. I'm no hi-fi buff or audiophile - as evidenced by...
  14. Dizzle77

    SOLD: iBasso DX200

    DAP is in excellent condition. It has had a tempered glass screen protector and leather case on since day one. Comes with Android 6.0.1 FW: 2.10.215 AMP1 module (Line out, 3.5mm and 2.5mm balanced) USB-C cable Burn-cable Spare tempered glass screen protector Official leather case Original box...
  15. Edifier W675BT On-ear Bluetooth v4.1 Headphones Foldable with NFC Connect 40mm Drivers

    Edifier W675BT On-ear Bluetooth v4.1 Headphones Foldable with NFC Connect 40mm Drivers

    On-ear Controls The W675BT on-ear controls picks up calls, adjusts music playback, and volume controls. The controls are situated on earcup for simple access and fast to touch. These also have NFC functionality that allows sync by holding the NFC device to the headphones. Lossless Wireless and...
  16. H

    Parametric Equalizer for Android

    Hi, I'm looking for an Android app that has parametric equalizer, either system wide or a music player. But I'm having trouble finding a solution because I need to satisfy the following: At last 8 bands, adjustable frequency Playback formats: MP3, AAC, M4A Tried a few music players already...
  17. sinkr

    SOLD: Forza Audioworks Pyre 30cm USB-C to USB-B (OTG)

    Save the wait from Poland on this great cable manufacturer. Price includes PayPal and UPS shipping within CONUS. International shipping is likely to add a bunch of cost to this item for how I ship (insured, traceable, signature required), so please don't ask unless you realize this will likely...
  18. nyceyes

    Onkyo DP-X1 :: Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP) Help ...

    Hello Friends: Using the helpful ROM and steps in this post, I was finally able to get my Onkyo DP-X1 going again (after bricking it over a years ago). I just got around to it. But now I have another hurdle to overcome: Android's Factory Reset Protection I still have the original Google...
  19. M

    Android Phone that supports Shanling Up USB DAC Amp?

    Hi everyone This is my first post so hope I'm following correct etiquette and hoping someone can help. Have a Shanling Up Dac Amp which I currently use with iPhone 6 and works perfectly. However new Flares Pro aptx wireless headphones meant purchased used Galaxy S6 for when running as better...
  20. kertong

    Onkyo DP-X1 (Black, 32GB, Japan Model)

    EDIT: SOLD I bought this new from Akiba Yodobashi in Japan a couple years ago; I'm not really using it anymore so I'm letting it go for what I believe is a good low price. Original box and all accessories included, and unit is in 8/10 condition. The two reasons it isn't a 10/10: - If you...
  21. happysappy

    Deezer HiFi vs Tidal HiFi on LGV30+

    Hello, I have been frustrated with Spotify's app lately (on Android), so I took time to explore other options. I am using Deezer HiFi (HQ setting) and Tidal HiFi (Master setting) on an LG V30+ with an HD660S (Asen Performance Series CB3L-SHP 1.3M cable) and Quad DAC option on. All songs are...
  22. ronkupper

    aptX HD indication with LG G6 and Fiio Q5?

    Hello guys, Does anybody have access to either an LG G6 with Fiio Q5 / other aptX HD enabled devices and knows if and where there is an indication that aptX HD is used (vs. aptX, SBC)? RK
  23. Camper1995

    New DAP stuck in Factory Reset Protection, cannot use the device

    Hi guys, so recently I bought (on eBay) the Pioneer XDP-100R for fun, to try it out since it looked promising enough for an affordable price. However when I opened up the package and launched the device, I got the very first andriod initialization screen where you have to select langauge, wifi...
  24. MajesticTwelve

    Sony Xperia XZ2/XZ2 Compact audio quality

    There are first reviews of the upcoming Sony Xperia XZ2. included audio impressions in their test: source
  25. A

    Cayin N5ii DAP & Tidal Offline

    Hi everyone, I'm new to head-fi. Always referred to the forums for a lot of things, but posting for the first time. I recently purchased a Cayin N5ii DAP and its pretty good. I have added a 128gb sd card in it. As for 3rd party apps, I have Tidal & Spotify. I can save my offline songs and...