Edifier W675BT On-ear Bluetooth v4.1 Headphones Foldable with NFC Connect 40mm Drivers

General Information

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On-ear Controls

The W675BT on-ear controls picks up calls, adjusts music playback, and volume controls. The controls are situated on earcup for simple access and fast to touch. These also have NFC functionality that allows sync by holding the NFC device to the headphones.

Lossless Wireless and Wired Connections

Our Bluetooth headphones have a wired option for when the headphones have an empty battery. In the box, we provide a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable in case the headphones do not have a charge.

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Bluetooth Quality and Battery Life
The W675BT headphones utilizes a Bluetooth V4.1 connection allows for two gadgets to connect at the same time for up to 10 meters. The 380MAH lithium polymer battery has a standby time of 300 hours and aggregate playback time of 20 hours.

Four Colors Available
The W675BT is accessible in four unmistakable hues to choose from. Cool Blue, Cherry Red, Classic Black and Snow White. Choose which one to fit your style.

W675BT Grey image 2.jpg
Designed for Travel

You don’t stay in one place why should your headphones? The compact design is simple to use. Flip, fold, and stow away for use later. Stow these headphones anyplace from your jeans' pocket, to a satchel or travel pack.

Adjustable Headband
This adjustable headband is produced using an adaptable steel readies you to be harsh on headphones. The broad headband has a worked in delicate silicone making them feel comfortable while wearing them.

Perfect Bass Response
The W675BT utilizes amazing 40mm units precisely tuned to for a solid bass response. Ideal for music genres of EDM, electronic, hip-jump, and then some.


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