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Sennheiser momentum 2.0 wireless recessed bass

  1. Forabettertommorow
    Connected to my Honor 9 smartphone my Momentum 2.0 wireless headphones have no sub-bass and very little bass with the mids overpowering the other frequencies. But with the headphones connected by wire to the phone the sub-bass and bass can be clearly heard and the mids sound less loud and better. Treble sounds better wired too. The two are connected via Bluetooth aptx. Also when connected by wire but with ANC turned on the same sound characteristics can be heard as with wireless which has ANC turned on by default. Sennheiser support say to use equalizer which I can't as Honor 9 equalizer doesn't work with Bluetooth. Is there a way to get wireless sound to be like the wired sound?
  2. Forabettertommorow
    I've found that using Sennheiser's app Captune can restore the bass and bring the sound signature over wireless close to wired. However as the app isn't system wide and doesn't support Spotify it is of little use to anyone unless they play local files or use TIDAL. Also if Huawei's Histen system equalizer was to support Bluetooth it too would rectify the problem. Very odd that a relatively modern mid range smartphone can't do this but another phone of mine, a low range Sony Xperia Tipo from 2012 can. There is the option of rooting the phone and installing a equalizer that supports Bluetooth like Viper4Android but root voids the warranty of the phone and rooting is a difficult process on Huawei devices.

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