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Ursine Audio

  1. Matias
    Topic to share information about Ursine Audio cables by Jarrod Dupuis.

    This is the braided cable I ordered (204 usd). Can't wait to try it with my Audeze LCD-XC. :)
    • 23 AWG 56 strand copper conductor with a silicone jacket cable
    • Eidolic connectors and Y splitter
    • Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver Solder
    More pictures: http://imgur.com/a/7DFmR

    Last edited: May 15, 2017
  2. Matias
    Got my braided cable with silver Eidolic connectors and splitter yesterday. Beautiful. Will take a good picture later and post here.

    Initial impression is very good. Smooth, resolving, dynamic. Will listen to it more before giving my final opinion.
  3. makne
    Just found this thread, I'm considering getting an ursine audio cable myself.
    Tell me, how is the wheight and flexibility on the cable? Does the fabric make a lot of microphonics? Especially above the Y-split, I'm planning on buying a single strand one.
    I'm wondering because I want to replace my Focal Elear cable, as it is too thick and heavy for me.
  4. Matias
    The fabric does some noise if you move your head around and microphonics if you hit the cable. But honestly those are minor inconveniences next to the both quality of construction and sound of these imo.
    Weight is a little more than stock but does not bother me too, and flexibility is very good.
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  5. mahesvara
    I got Jarrod's premium-sleeved cable for my Utopia. http://ursine.audio/item/premium-sleeved-braided-cable. The quality is quite amazing and for the Utopia at least, it is a lot lighter than the stock cable. I didn't hear any microphonic for my cable. Actually ordered another one for my Aeon.

    Last edited: Aug 4, 2017
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  6. robbeacon
    Hey there, how long did it take for you to get your cables? It looks like he makes a quality product but I feel like he's kind of been giving me the run around. I ordered 10-31-2017 and still haven't received my cables. Every time I contact him he promises to get them in the mail then a few days after the promise I get back with him to see if USPS just isn't doing their part and he makes me another shipping promise. I really want these cables from the looks of yours but its really frustrating to wait this long when the guy never does any follow up. I really wish he would make the effort to send follow up emails to let his customers have a little bit of Piece of mind that they are having something of quality made. I'm starting to think I should have ordered my own supplies and built the damn things myself. The only reason I didn't is laziness and the fact that my wife wanted to buy me a headphone related Christmas gift.
  7. FraterOiram
    Did you ever get your cables from Ursine Audio @robbeacon ??
  8. robbeacon
    Yes I did I have a thread posted with pics. The cables were very nice.
  9. Matias
    That is quite a long wait indeed, but to be fair he does state that he makes them one by one and it takes time. Best thing is to check with him for your place in the quete, updates, etc.
  10. phthora
    Just ordered a balanced Ursine cable for my EL-8 Ti. I'm excited to see this guy's work. I'll post some pictures too, once it comes it.
  11. Baten
    Anyone placed order at Ursine lately? Not receive any reply

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