1. JH Audio Sharona

    JH Audio Sharona

    JH Audio is proud to introduce a new flagship In-Ear Monitor, The Sharona, our first-ever 16-Driver configuration with a true 4-way crossover. Sharona features the all-new Knowles RAU Quad Supertweeter, which produces an extended treble response starting where most balanced armature drivers roll...
  2. ADV custom IEM sleeves

    ADV custom IEM sleeves

    ADV offers their Eartune Fidelity custom fit silicone sleeves for IEMs.
  3. 64Audio A4s

    64Audio A4s

    The A4s was released by 64Audio at the end of 2021. It is a four driver custom in-ear monitor: dynamic driver for bass, two different balanced armature drivers for midrange and mid-high as well as a tia high frequency driver.
  4. forge457

    Advice needed on purchasing long term, quality balanced headphone cables?

    What are some of the best places to get long term quality balanced Headphone cables with Dual 2.5mm Connector Custom Length - Custom Jack 4-Pin XLR Balanced for the headphone amp under 90$ that don’t wear so easy from normal use ? I’ve had two different sets, one from and one...
  5. Kobe Audio "Sovannah"

    Kobe Audio "Sovannah"

    Specs: 32 Ohms signature driver Rhodium Plated Plug Aluminum alloy splitter Silver-plated copper litz Inclusions Sovanna Earbuds Storage Case w/ silica gel Leather Cable Winder 3 pairs of foams
  6. Hisenior T2 Classic

    Hisenior T2 Classic

    About T2 Classic T2 Classic Universal In-ear monitor with Dual Knowles professional drivers CI+ED, the most advanced 2BAs In-ear monitor e for emerging artists, musicians(Drummer/Bassist/Vocalist/Guitarist) New Smaller Mold with Egger Allery Free Resin at Solid black Design, Perfect Ear-fitting...
  7. littlej0e

    Pareto Audio Custom Streaming Server Review

    Howdy, I recently upgraded from a Windows PC to a custom streaming server built by Pareto Audio and thought I would share my impressions as well as some of the lessons I learned along the way. For the record, I am not a professional reviewer. I can barely spell (I mean, my screen name contains...
  8. Tofty

    Tofty's DIY Headphones - 3D Printed

    Repairs and Modifications Hi all, I've recently picked up the hobby of repairing headphones, bought in job lots or as spares/repairs. For many of them the repairs have been quite straight-forward, but when it comes to physical damage; it's rarely a simple fix. Using a 3D Printer however can...
  9. Plunge Audio Signature Series CIEM

    Plunge Audio Signature Series CIEM

    "The ultimate boutique experience. The Plunge Audio Signature Series gives you access to technology, material, and innovations that no other model can provide. You’ll have unlimited access to the Plunge Audio team to create the most unique, tailored pair of IEMs, down to your every...
  10. ACS Emotion Classic Custom In Ear Monitors

    ACS Emotion Classic Custom In Ear Monitors

    5 BA Knowles Drivers Available to Consumer and Pro Available in a choice of colours 5 Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers: Single Low, Dual Mid, Dual High Patent pending IRIS and exclusive SSI technology Built from 40 Shore medical grade silicone finished with a hard wearing flexible lacquer...
  11. mjoleksy

    Molds for Custom IEM’s

    In looking to get ear molds done for the first time, I contacted a recommended Audiologist doctor. In addition to making AMAZING ear molds, he taught me quite a bit about the importance of getting it done RIGHT. He said that there are chances that audiologists produce poor molds which lead...
  12. BFD UNIX


    BFD Audio has been in the audiophile scene for 6 long years, Chad Wu is the owner and he is currently doing IEMs alone, I won’t call it a DIY simply because he’s using advanced equipments for molding and tuning his works. Currently he has 11 products, and I got the most basic amongst his lineup...
  13. Craft Ears Craft SIX

    Craft Ears Craft SIX

    Outstanding emotions created by technology. Our flagship, the Craft SIX, creates the perfect balance - audiophile neutral and smooth sound with excellent dynamics and lifelike imaging. Featuring six drivers: Dual Sub-Low, Dual Low-Mid, Single Mid-High, and One Super-Tweeter, along with our...
  14. MMR Balmung

    MMR Balmung

    Official Website : Balmung 'Balmung' is engineered with large spatial details and critical listening in mind. Delivering unmatched clarity and unparalleled resolution, the 'Balmung' is akin to the observance of a performance in the prime seat. Like it's predecessor...
  15. MMR Gáe Bolg

    MMR Gáe Bolg

    Official Website : Gáe Bolg 'Gáe Bolg' is engineered with linear acoustics in mind. Delivering incredibly immersive sound and beautiful spatial imaging. It presents an impeccable intimate presentation that's is incomparable invigorating. 'Gáe Bolg' features a bespoke...
  16. ThieAudio Legacy 3

    ThieAudio Legacy 3

    Brand Name: THIEAUDIO Model Number: LEGACY 3 Time to market: 2019 Specification: Drivers: 1 dynamic driver & 2 balanced armatures Impedance: 8.6-9.5 Ohm Frequency Response: 20~20KHz Sensitivity: 108 dB Distortion: <1% Cable: 8 wires Silver Plated Copper with 2-Pin connector Plug: Gold-plated...
  17. Avara Custom Neo

    Avara Custom Neo

    After few years of hardworking to change the shape of Indonesian Custom IEM market while serving Indonesian musicians and audiophile, Avara decided to bring something NEW and the FIRST of its kind. Proudly introducing Avara NEO. The world’s first truly personalized Universal Earphones using your...
  18. Neo D8-LTD

    Neo D8-LTD

    Driver type: 8mm dynamic Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz Sensitivity: 103 dB (at 1khz) Impedance: 24 ohm Connector type: Detachable MMCX
  19. NawiLlih

    Seeking custom IEMs ~$1200

    TL;DR: Recommend me custom IEMs in range of 1200$/€/£ :) Long-form post: Hey all, returning to Head-Fi after a long break blowing all my student loan on Magic cards :p I had some Earsonics SM64s a couple of years ago, but sadly after ~4 years of love and daily use, the shells crumbled beyond...
  20. MrLocoLuciano

    METAL MAGIC RESEARCH (Thoughts and impressions)

    I found out a few weaks ago that Joseph Mou from Jomo Audio was launching a new brand. It was launched at the CanJam Shangai but I did not see any return in english. For now, MMR is offering 4 different models, all infos come from the website. Official Website : Gáe...
  21. diegodesouza

    CIEM shops in NYC

    Hi fellow headfiers, I'm not if this is the correct place to post this, if not then forgive me. I'm in Long Island NY for about two weeks. I'm in the works to get my first ciem, looking for the 'best' place to get it done in long island or the city. I have not yet decided which brand and model...
  22. Itsfit Fusion

    Itsfit Fusion

    As the world’s first tri-brid earphone with Magnetostatic™, the Itsfit Fusion is the result of our quest for a true innovative in-ear technonogy that conquer even the most demanding records. One of its most remarkable trait is the incredibly wide soundstage that promise to recreate the truest...
  23. Sound Linear Fitz 4E

    Sound Linear Fitz 4E

    Specification Model: Sound Linear Fitz 4E Total Driver Units: 2 BA + 2 Electrostatic Drivers per-side Crossover: 2-way Passive Crossover Frequency Response: 8-22,000 Hz Sensitivity: 107 dB/mW Impedance: 60 ohm IEM Connector: Detachable MMCX Cable: 3.5mm Jack, 1.3 meter Warranty...
  24. Custom Art FIBAE 4

    Custom Art FIBAE 4

    FIBAE 4 comes as natural continuation of Custom Art’s lineup, merging qualities of FIBAE 2 and 3 into unique sounding IEM. Top Firing Drivers provide improved frequency extension compared to traditional Balanced Armature drivers with a spout resulting in immensely detailed sound. Single low...
  25. AVU

    JH Audio 16 Custom to Universal - does anyone do this?

    Been off the forum for about two years, so I'm out of the game and would really appreciate those who know the scene to give me some advice. I built what I consider a killer mid-level setup about 8 years ago. I'm sure there's better now, but I've felt no reason to upgrade. Eastern Electric tube...