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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. fabian005
    One of my favorite albums that is! Really great stuff
  2. DJScope
    Above & Beyond Group Therapy 100 #ABGT100
    For those who missed it, here is the upload!!!! You're welcome!
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  3. DJScope
    Good track here!

  4. DJScope

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  5. spurxiii

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  6. spurxiii

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  7. jonyoo
    Didn't know this thread existed! I love uplifting trance.
    Have been listening to a lot of OriUplift on soundcloud lately. Absolutely beautiful stuff there.
  8. waynes world
    Thanks! Checking OriUplift out!
    Edit: I'm really digging it - great energy :)
  9. Weee



  10. Weee
    thread is dead.
    two uplifters released today


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  11. spurxiii
    oooh nice
  12. jonyoo
    I think I may have my favorite uplifting trance track. Love the melody. Can't stop listening to this.

  13. Hapster
    Can't help but notice, but you own the T-Peos H-300 as well? :p
    Anyway, some new albums I got awhile ago:
    Not totally a fan of Words in Color so far, John Dopping makes a good song and then totally ruins it by adding off-key & harsh sounds.
    Revolution is alright. No lyrics, but fairly chill.
    Consumption is another great album by moonbeam, I believe it's their first.
    Unified, Super8 & Tab. Unfortunately, not as great as their last album, but I haven't finished listening to it. Just has a bit more of a commercial sound to it so far. (surprise?) [Still not as bad as Dash Berlin]
  14. jonyoo
    I use to own them. T-Peos graciously gave me a pair for me to review. Now they're with a close friend who liked them more than me lol.
  15. DJScope
    Shogun is back!

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