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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. waynes world
    Is this "the" trance thread on head-fi? Looks like it might be! I have definitely been getting into trance lately. Amazing stuff.
    Heard of Hernan Cattaneo? Good shiite!:
    Heard of CID Inc? Good shiite!:
    Anyway, I'm gonna start going through this thread discovering yet more good shiite I'm sure!
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  2. DJScope
    Welcome mate! We need fresh blood around here.
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  3. Hapster
    What the?
    Didn't except Aly & Fila to come out with a new album so soon.
    Hopefully I can give it a listen here soon.
    Anyway, I've been occupied with
    Airwave & DJ Eco
    CS2058066-02A-BIG.jpg CS2050759-02A-BIG.jpg 00-eco-myousic-ardi2166-web-2011.jpg
    Airwave - Bright Lines                  Airwave - Dark Lines            DJ Eco - M(you)sic
    All very good trance albums.
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  4. zachchen1996
    Oh wow!
    Downloading it as I speak. [​IMG]
  5. waynes world
    I'm really enjoying Eelke Kleijn's mixes. This is a good one:
  6. erikfreedom

  7. DJScope
    I've finally found it. You don't understand how long I've been searching for this song. I used to listen to these guys back when I was a teen. It's hard trance.

  8. waynes world
    DJScope, that's is some kind of f'd up uber-cool old school industrial trance shiite! Wow - very cool. Even sounded awesome through my relatively bass light ad900x's (and I mean very awesome).
  9. DJScope
    TRANCE[]CONTROL - check them out. Old school schiit, I was obsessed with them like 10+ years ago. Then I don't know why I stopped listening to them, they're amazing! 
  10. fabian005
    Some amazing older stuff.
    Paul Oakenfold- Tranceport
  11. Weee
    I like.
    Currently can't stop listening to this mix by a Japanese hard trance producer
    I came to see if these tracks by another Japanese producer  i love had been posted in the electronic thread. 
    Can't wait for those two songs to be released
  12. DJScope
    ABGT100 anyone watching????

  13. waynes world
    Missed it! How was it?
  14. DJScope
    Pretty damn good! I'm waiting for the stream to get uploaded, coz I missed half of it. 
  15. waynes world

    That was really good. Need more of that!
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