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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. Weee
    Moonbeam! I used to love them overplayed quite a few of their songs. Have not listen to them in nearly 2 years 


    I will likely be seeing super8 on Friday. Have not listen to their new album yet actually will give that a listen today or tomorrow. 
    Heard this on Ahmed Romel - Orchestrance today so lovely
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  2. DJScope
    Moonbeam is awesome!
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  3. Mr Makarov
    Probably some of you will like this one. I find uplifiting trance tunes to be a good test for soundstage of closed and open headphones (closed tend to sound very congested on some tracks)
  4. Weee
    I love this

    great mix.
  5. DJScope
    Since you can't get Trance Energy 2004 anywhere, I went ahead and created a YT playlist of it. It has pretty much all the correct songs except one is missing and another is a different remix.


  6. Weee
  7. Mr Makarov
    Love these two
  8. fabian005
    Soundcloud has a pretty good mix on their profile.
  9. DJScope
    Hey guys,
    You might want to check out this new up and comer. Here's from Melbourne, Australia. I wanted to share his SoundCloud around hoping he'll get a gig with someone. 
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  10. fabian005

    Anyone hear ever heard of Yahel?? Pretty mellow and beautiful bass this song in particular is rather chill.
  11. nehcrow

    Listen to the heavenly melodies.... I am on the verge of crying everytime I hear this track
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  12. jonyoo
    Thanks a lot Spurxiii! I'm addicted to this now.
  13. nehcrow
    Hahaha, spurxiii! You know your stuff, Giuseppe Ottaviani is great, saw him live a few times
    A little bit sacchirine for my tastes, but it's still an emotional listen everytime
    Listen to some more from him:

    Also give a shot at the song I linked two posts above (bear through the intro though, it gets really good later)
  14. nehcrow
    Seriously if you guys havent experienced this music live with your friends around you are missing out, nothing bonds you closer
  15. waynes world
    +1. I'm giving the Magenta album a spin on spotify, and I'm definitely digging it.
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