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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. DJScope
    The last 2 aren't trance LOL. Zombie Nation is Techno/Dance and My Little Fantasy is Happy Hardcore.
    Probably my favourite one I've ever gone to was Field Day on new years day. I've been twice actually. I also went to Shore Thing which kinda sucked. Was a bit of a disappointment in the line up but I kinda tagged along coz everyone else was going.
  2. spurxiii
    Yeah I know but there were trance versions which I couldn't find lol, just old crap that I use to listen to heaps
  3. DJScope

  4. spurxiii

  5. spurxiii
    That's the stuff!
  6. nehcrow
    Great posts spurxiii, I see you dig the more melodic trance
    Have a few more GREAT Simon Patterson songs, he's pretty much my fav DJ atm

  7. spurxiii
    Really nice head bobbing tunes mate, gives you goosebumps. He's great
  8. Mr Makarov
  9. Mr Makarov
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  10. Mr Makarov
    More of best of Vocal melodic trance

  11. DJScope
    Still best! =D

  12. Mr Makarov
    OceanLab! Love it (remixes more than original album)!
    Some more classics of vocal trance:
  13. Mr Makarov
    Some trance tracks can be tiring after some time (I listen to mostly trance music for at least 6 hours a day) and moreso if you´re listening to lots of new content and after 100 tunes only 5 of them are really good (offcourse it depends on personal taste). Sometimes after long listening sessions I was pleasantly surprised by some tracks that were not tiring at all and had somehow "relaxing" effect. They´re hard to find (for me anyways). Here I put some of my favorites:

  14. waynes world
    Just discovered these on spotify. Not sure if they are "uplifting trance" or not, but I like them quite a bit:


  15. DJScope
    Free album from an Aussie artist released today. These tracks are mastered pretty damn good!
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