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Unique Melody Merlin Impressions Thread (All review and impression links located in the 1st and 2nd posts. Pics in posts 3 and 4)

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  1. ValentinHogea
    Nice! But you have some really small ears! (or I have big..)
    How do they look from behind?
  2. Personnel Jezuz
    I'll upload some proper photos in a bit. Really happy how they turned out.
    I'm just getting used to them, they do create some discomfort after 15-20 minutes of being in there but I've read this is normal and should disappear after a few days or so...?
  3. ValentinHogea
    Could you explain more thoroughly where/how you experience the discomfort?
    They shouldn't give any pain actually... I can use them for hours and hours... No change in seal/pain (in contrast to my previous Sennheiser IE8's)
  4. Personnel Jezuz
    Thanks for the reply. Yeah everywhere and anywhere the IEM's touch so the back, sides and canal entrance. I'm hoping its just my ears being sensitive and reactive to the solid bit of plastic. Stephen from C-IEM said its quite common for ears to react like this and in some cases takes a month for them to be ok with it. Hoping for less than that..because they sound, from my brief experience, on par with my Denon D5000's! Amazing sounds!
    Are your Merlin's the first customs you've owned?
  5. ValentinHogea
    Are the inner parts of outer ear swollen/reddish? Were you prone to ear infections as a child?
    I haven't had the pleasure of trying out D5000's, however a pimped-up La FIgaro 339 is arriving soon... because my honest opinion is that Merlins + Leckerton Audio UHA-4 > HD650s + Fubar IV Plus. I want to eliminate the weakest link in the chain, the Fubar IV.
    Yeah, my first customs. Klipsch X5 => Senn IE8's => Merlins
  6. ValentinHogea
    DSC_7614-2.jpg DSC_7598-2.jpg DSC_7590.jpg
    Finally got a new SD-card so I could do some serious photography...
  7. Personnel Jezuz
    I have solved this deep mystery...I wan't putting them in properly..!
    Homer Simpson type error; I wasn't fully inserting them, so they were pressing against the walls of my ear. I now get a much deeper insertion, it *clicks* into place, I get better isolation and more of the lower frequencies. I can barely feel them in there, divine! I think they have now surpassed my D5000's; a smaller soundstage which is expected but it creates a really nice intimacy, its very well separated still. Vocals feel more forward which is awesome and it adds lots of energy in guitar attacks for example compared with my d5000's which now feel a little dull in comparison..tad bit of favouritism maybe :)
    The highs are detailed enough without being edgy or sibilant and the way the mids--->highs blend is completely effortless. I think super smooth would best describe the highs for me. Then the bass...HOW? How have they pulled off such a realistic bass; deep, reverberating, textured and airy bass into an in ear phone? Witchcraft, at least! Music sounds oh so nice and I can take these guys on the move wherever I go. Mental. 
    The carry case is my only gripe which has been brought up by others too: The portable case IS TOO SMALL! You can get the cable and IEM in there, but the time and concentration needed is beyond me and they were crammed in there when they arrived. Pretty naughty of UM cutting corners but I guess they design headphones not cases. I wasn't expecting to find the crystal cube in there either which looks awesome and has some heft to it. The box and outer packaging is really good and looks to be a huge improvement oner the old offering but its still only a box so nothing to get too excited about* (old-school owners*).
    ^ Love the inserts on yours
  8. AnakChan Moderator
    I found another use for my Merlin's...they make even better earplugs than proper earplugs on the plane.
  9. wahu
    I'm jealous of your wood faceplates. They look great. 
    On UM's website they have a crystal jade option but I've yet to see a pic of it. Has anyone seen one with crystal jade?
  10. PsiCore
    You weren't putting them in properly, I didn't have a perfect seal. But after a little mod I'm loving my Merlins! The balance between bass (deep, powerfull, but still incredibly clean and detailed), a bit forward mids (just how I like it) and crisp highs (but not at all fatiguing) is simply phenomenal.
    Can it be better? Well... the Aurisonics AS(G)-2 are pretty interesting. Damn you, upgraditis...
  11. kckc
    Glad you're loving them! I'm also interested in the AS-2 and I'm hoping I'll be able to resist them when they come out. 
  12. shotgunshane Contributor
    Very nice pics.  Replaced your previous pic with these on the pic post.
  13. rmappita
    Just testing the UM Merlin Demo using Comply Soft Wraps and I`m loving the sound [​IMG]
             Rodrigo Pita
  14. cn11
    Thanks for the pic of the demo. I'd always wondered what the 'universal' demo versions of customs look like. 
    Hope you guys are all enjoying your Merlins. If I only had the budget.....  [​IMG]
  15. Norml
    Where did you find black soft wraps?
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