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Unique Melody Merlin Impressions Thread (All review and impression links located in the 1st and 2nd posts. Pics in posts 3 and 4)

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  1. rmappita
    JH AUDIO sent it to me when I bought my JH11 PRO. But I think you can buy it on-line with them!
  2. Norml
    Thanks. ^
  3. UniqueMelodyBR
    Just want to post my pictures of my UM Merlin, which arrived today.
    I wont be reviewing it, as I don't feel I'd do justice to it.
  4. shotgunshane Contributor
    Very nice looking! I'll add a couple of them to the pic post at the begining when I get on a real computer.

    Edit: added 2 to second post.
  5. UniqueMelodyBR
    Thanks mate. I'm loving it, it's an awesome project. UM really did a great job on Merlin.
  6. Bazirker
    Great thread, especially with all the pictures. UM makes gorgeous CIEMs...might be getting myself a pair.
  7. cravenz
    Lovely pictures
  8. Deathdeisel
    Hey guys, im curious of current owners. 1 thing I havent seen talked about much on these CIEMs, are; 
    How is isolation compared to other CIEMs? The merlins seem perfect for me besides the idea of them being vented. I just wanna make sure not a ton of noise is coming inside. 
    On a different subject:
    Anyone have impressions of the Merlins vs Hifiman HE-500s?
  9. Bazirker

    I'm also interested in this. I have read that it's good but a little less than other customs. Project86 describes it in his review.

    For those who have both the Merlins and the mg6pro, how does the isolation between the two compare?
  10. Poetik
    Isolation is actually pretty good on the Merlin.  It has a hole in it so it's a little susceptible to wind noise but it's leagues better than a sennheiser ie8.  I don't think anyone would have any problem with the Merlin as it nearly isolates as good as my Miracle.
  11. Deathdeisel
    Now that is what I was looking for. Thank you sir! :)
  12. Poetik
    No problem bro, let us know how they sound when you get them =)
  13. shotgunshane Contributor
    I'll chime in to say that the Merlin isolation was surprisingly good.
  14. Bazirker
    It looks like I'm taking the plunge and getting a set of Merlins.  :-D
    Is there any reason to do flat sockets rather than recessed?
  15. UniqueMelodyAus

    Only if you want to play around with a lot of aftermarket cables!
    Most good cable manufacturers make cables compatible with our recessed sockets these days!
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