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Unique Melody Merlin Impressions Thread (All review and impression links located in the 1st and 2nd posts. Pics in posts 3 and 4)

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  1. Bazirker
    Well, I ordered my pair and sent my impressions off yesterday.  Now the waiting game begins.
  2. shotgunshane Contributor
    Congrats.  I hope it goes smoothly and that you enjoy them!
  3. Ony38
    I order my Merlin 4 weeks ago and I will use it in balanced with a RSA protector amp. Which ils the best type or cable with it : copper‚ silver or silver +gold?

  4. Bazirker

    I plan to try the cable it comes with first :-D
  5. letsnog
    I'd say copper is better. Silver makes it more mid forward, which is something the Merlin is already, so you'll probably face some sibilance over there. And yes, there's burn in time for cables (mine had, for instance - couldn't handle it in the beginning, but after 100+ hours, mids got much more smooth). Using a Silver Ray, from headphone lounge with my Merlin
  6. johntheman123
    Wondering: Does the Merlin produce bass you can feel vs, in a pure Balanced Armature setup, bass you can hear?
  7. PsiCore
    Yes, you can feel it, but it's not that level of "feeling" like in the Atrios - the Futuresonics do it imo better.
  8. rmappita
    IMO the Merlin's bass does not have a lot of impact.... 
  9. Poetik
    It's funny, most times it's like I can "feel" the Miracle's bass more than the Merlin. 
    Head-fi is fun stuff.
  10. johntheman123
    Having heard the Merlin's, what could you say distinguishes them definitely from say audeo pfe 232 or Westone 4R's?
  11. letsnog
    Never have heard the Audeo, but comparing to W4r, I'd say they are in different worlds. Sound signature, Merlin can be a lot more agressive than westone, and yet sound a lot balanced. As poind by rmappita, the basses are not all that explosive, but you'll be able to feel it more than in the w4r. I'd say their impact is more like the um3x, in which I had more bass impact than in the w4r. But the biggest thing about that dynamic driver is how extended the basses can go. You'll hear real deep bass now, which you probably couldn't hear before. Midrange, more precisely the mid highs, are a bit forwarded, what gaves the merlin such a power that it makes you feel you want to turn volume up until you have your head exploded. Highs are extremely correct, so you will understand what it means to be correct :D
    Forgive me for my not so good english.
  12. johntheman123
    Thank you guys - and I think actually reading your responses made me rethink what I'm looking for.
    Even in my apple ear buds, if I listen to The Warriors - Transistor (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm6_bj5EIoM) the intro bass has much more of a presence than in either the audeo or the 4R. I love bass that's low like that - Maybe called "sub-bass"?
    I've been looking into the future sonics as well. So tough and scary because I'm a student and you can't return these bad boys. Been saving up for so long and terrified of being disappointed :/
  13. Bazirker
    I love the Atrios and have been using them literally for years now. I've owned quite a few other iems and they are still my favorite, largely because of their fantastic bass. I ordered Merlins a month ago. If you can stand to wait, I'll post a comparison between the two once I get the Merlins.

    In other news, waiting on these CIEMs is much more difficult than I had expected...
  14. Marcus Jang
    After a long wait of 7 weeks (8 weeks counting the shipping), my Merlin is finally on the way from China!

    I was never a decent critical listener, so I won't be doing in-depth analysis or comparison. However definitly will post some photos and brief impressions.
  15. Bazirker
    Looking forward to them!  I got an email from Stephen saying mine will hopefully ship out mid-May.
    Tic toc, tic toc, waiting is hard, I just keep trying to forget about them...
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