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  1. Karendar
    Since when is buying audio gear a "NEED"? :D haha
  2. sejsel
    Do not underestimate the power of "that" side... :D
  3. sejsel
    Darn, I am never going to see the Icarus II (but hey, I am not alone :p )
  4. Midgetguy
    Since when WASN'T it a "need"? That's why we started that other thread, right? Lol :p
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  5. Midgetguy
    You, me (well, not Icarus II, but Icarus I and Airs), like 20 others in this thread, and the countless others that lurk and don't post, but are also quietly in the same boat. It was once so promising, now only a depressingly angry reminder.
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  6. SofaSamuraiX
    No. Not your opinion, but your lack of need for their product doesn't make this thread unnecessary or useless. I feel ripped off and the more knowledgeable ( than I ) members here have given me good information and it's even a bit cathartic. And I do need their gear, because I payed for it already. Not trying to start shhhhtuff. But it seems I did. Sorry about that.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
  7. majo123
    Cheers dude, I will pop in on the iem lounge say hi to all, just not been on and sitting back with what I got and enjoying the music more, although I am considering buying cayin n5ii now lol.
    Shame all this is still in uproar.
  8. PxOR
    i understand where you come from. But TAE did deliver delay or not, in the first year - often great products...totally legit stuff. I can't say for everyone but that's what got me hooked and totally blinded. so don't be too be too harsh on yourself man.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
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  9. Karendar
    Need, want, tomato, tomâto... :p
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  10. Midgetguy
    The thread is FAR from useless and unnecessary and that's my bad if the post is interpreted that way. Like I said, the information is good; it's stuff people should know. The first 800 pages of the thread is very different from the last 800 pages of the thread for a reason. My post is meant to explicitly note for those who aren't in the know that Head-Fi no longer has TAE as a sponsor (important fact since this thread resides in the sponsor section), nor do they have IMR Acoustics as a sponsor. Whether they're related or not is still all allegations, even if relatively sound allegations given our knowledge.

    Also, when I was talking about needing their product, I was referencing IMR Acoustics, not TAE. Haven't bought anything from IMR, don't intend to. But regarding TAE, yup, same crappy boat you and everyone else here (minus @Tommy C, smart bastard :p) is in.
  11. SofaSamuraiX
    Cool. Sorry I if started anything.
  12. bjaardker
    There's the Ali vendor "that shall not be named" that was banned from even being mentioned here. So it wouldn't be unprecedented to have Head-fi back their forum members.
  13. sejsel
    For some of us here, and to some extent, I feel even for the audio market, a bit shame that the Icarus II DAP seems (or looks certain) to be lost, never to see the light of the day. There is theoretical possibility (a vague one, judging from all info) that I might be wrong (wishful thinking, I guess)...
    I am not fan of the trend with the large (relatively) screens of the DAPs looking like smartphones, I need something small, portable, capable, looking reminiscent of the Iriver IFP series, but with many modern features, file type handling and SQ, expandable memory... Icarus II looked to have had fit the bill perfectly...

    The more I look at the whole ordeal, the stranger it seems, from some distance. I got relatively cheaply off, in economic terms; my only loss is the Icarus II. Poor people with more expensive IEM models who never (thus far) received them.
    I don't know what more is to be said about this whole "affair"; I would agree that it is rather depressing....
  14. Midgetguy
    Nah, you're good. Simple misunderstanding between us on reading each other's posts. Happens all the time, nothing to be too up in arms about :D
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  15. HungryPanda
    There are many chinese daps that would fit the bill as an Icarus II, I've actually bought a few (and received then). Icarus IV again I have bought quite a few Chinese iems of varying prices and Shenzen electronics will make anything to your spec in any number. How can you fail......
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