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  1. sejsel
    Well, I hoped that the problem would have been solved with the Icarus II, but we are where we are now, and I have not looked into other DAPs. There was Shanling M1, and one other with favourable reviews and ok SQ, but both had that (albeit) small flattish glass screen, which I would better of without, in all honesty. I had a vision of the icarus 2 having a shape similar to Bounty candy bar, screen or display being much smaller and different (not quadratic, lengthier rectangular shape, and smaller display in total), and if there is something such - available at the market - of the shape similar to the Iriver IFP series (although understandably somewhat larger) .

    But you are right; it is my job too look into it. Being too busy with the new headhpone amp, and pondering over the repair of the Grado GS1000, and other daily duties, I have not even given it a thought until this evening.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
  2. wilberforce55
    HungryPanda, are there any in particular you can recommend? i am an icarus 2 and 4 backer who fortunately got their money back from paypal (still out two working pairs of airs though, the two pairs i got are DOA) and would love a simple DAC to replace my Pono which is an operational PITA to use
  3. Karendar
    You got two airs? Send em my way, I'll open them up and make a frankenAir :D haha
  4. Tommy C
    @Karendar I might be able to send you 2 faulty Airs, both crap, DOA one is falling apart.
    Next week guaranteed :)
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  5. Karendar
    I'm tempted to gut some open. Only thing that scares me is that their design choice fries the board, hence the DOA.
  6. Tommy C
    OK, just to clarify, both had extrem drops even when sitting so it’s not like my head is too large or full of water.
    It got worse after the first week and they just won’t charge. Eventually after sitting for a few months they won’t even power on.
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  7. Karendar
    So might be battery or board...
  8. dave9527
    I'm using Pioneer XDP-30R 3.5mm to Denon DA-10 for my hunter, accetable to me. Tried the DAC of DA-10, better than it's amp, may be caused by 30R.
    Both cheap ones, you may have a try :wink:
  9. hernandoco
    For you Icarus II victims, if you're still looking for a new DAP, take a look at the Hiby R6 thread. It was on indegogo supposed to be delivered in March but I got mine yesterday. Good stuff.
  10. Karendar
    It always fascinates me how behind DAPs are tech wise and software wise...
  11. hernandoco
    Well different android versions have different limitations on what these DAP manufacturers can do. DAPs also don't need to have the latest and greatest CPU and GPU. Audio performance is above user experience. Versus a smartphone, the user experience is priority.

    For a DAP that bypasses the android upsampling universally through all apps like the R6, I think is pretty awesome. Straight to the DAC. No interference of the android system.
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  12. Karendar
    I've had that explanation given to me multiple times... No matter how people justify it, I just don't see how anyone can run two to three year old software with no updates and not be worried. Hardware is another thing, paying 500+ dollar for a hardware build I can get for 3 times less online seems like overdoing it.

    I'm glad to see that Android 6 is finally on DAP's... But all the major vulnerabilities released in the last few years aren't covered by this, rendering the device's connection capabilities pretty useless.
  13. hernandoco
    DAPs don't have any real reason to upgrade constantly like how smartphones do.

    Where are you getting a DAP in the $100 range online that has balanced out and bypasses the android audio stack with 3 GB ram and runs android 6? What exactly are these DAP manufacturers overdoing exactly?

    Did you order an Icarus II, if not, my post wasn't for you. If you don't care for DAPs then why respond to me. I just got my first DAP and I enjoy it. Why cut me down and everyone else who wants a dedicated player? I had $525 to burn. Why not.
  14. Karendar
    I'm simply discussing based on what you posted, I never "cut you down". Congrats for the DAP and I'm glad it fits your needs!

    I did order the Icarus II. My goal was to get a DAP that wasn't too bulky and that integrated well with Trinity products, because I had faith in the ecosystem and because Fiio's delivery of the X5 truly dissapointed me.

    And they're overdoing it on price vs hardware. I did a comparison once to see what price vs value I was getting based on the specs and it's pretty shocking how much profit they make on the product, even if I factor in dev costs. This applies to not only DAP's but most modern phones though, so I'm not saying there's anything better per say. They're all just trying to make something worthwhile with what they have. It's just sad that Android isn't there yet to support the audiophile market and vendors still have to customize the OS (which breaks any chances of upgrades) just to get it working. The only way we'll get any decent experience on a modern, unmodified android is if a pixel includes a sabre DAC.
  15. Tommy C
    DAPs will become obsolete down the road and the wireless market will be booming. Book it :]
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