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  1. Karendar
    LG does a good job of integrating DAP and phone. it's far from perfect though...
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  2. HungryPanda
    I'm moving away from android daps using the lotto paw 5000 mk2 and F-Audio FA1 most of the time now
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  3. Midgetguy
    Other thing to mention is the trend of DAPs being the same size of smartphones. The Hiby R6 is a 4.2" touchscreen. Opus2 has what appears to be a 4" touchscreen at least. Fiio X7 has a 4" touchscreen. And that's just to name a few. Stuff that caught my eye recently (not that I'm buying one right now) are stuff from Benji for super cheap and Hidizs AP60 for reasonable budget price. Those are an appropriate size for what I want a standalone DAP to be.

    Anyway, we're getting a bit off thread topic here, should probably move to the other thread for this discussion.

    @Karendar, can you just shove a bunch of antennas into those broken Airs and add a duracell? You may look ridiculous, but perhaps it would work :p
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  4. Karendar
    For DAPs (To bring it back on topic), I really hoped the Icarus II was gonna happen... Having something inline to your IEM's and works with all the company's brands, wow. What a great idea for a product line. It's a way to close in users to the brand without adding cost-prohibitive versions to support all configs and making it simple. Too bad Trinity didn't go down that route... Personally, I already carry a touchscreen android device which is HELLA more powerful and better designed than any of the DAP's out there. Carrying a second device, on top of an amp stack, just became too bulky for my needs...

    Hahahah, that's EXACTLY what I was gonna do! :D No actually, I was gonna unsolder the battery, try and find a replacement at my electronics shop near here, drill a hole in the two IEM's, add an MMCX cable connector on the antenna and find a long enough cable to connect the antennas together. I was hoping that it would help with signal dropouts, but would end up killing the TW concept. Better than not having a functional device, I guess. Right now, I doubt I'll ever even receive my Airs... Their chinese supplier failed miserably and it was their downfall.
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  5. sejsel
    Regarding the DAP - my idea and hope was the same, and all of this is a shame for some of us, and for the Trinity in particular, since I feel they could have had a killer product.
    I am looking at all of these DAPs even given here, and none of them has the physical format and the shape I am looking for. I am looking for something portable, compact, and of a different physical shape and format than DAPs with the large glass surface on one whole side.
    The glass screen that is flat, taking so much surface at one larger size of the DAP is a no go and a bit inconvenient for me.

    But, as I have said earlier, it is my job to search and find what I am looking for.
    I just assumed and was hoping that the problem was finally solved. The funny thing is that - despite its (the Icarus II preorder rebate) low cost and probably few orders - Trinity went to lengths to inform about the shells being adjusted, photos of the DAP to be posted, etc.

    The last sentence of the Karendar's post could be significant in the context and ONE of the possible reasons, although I presume we will really never know.

    Such a shame... I have never requested the refund and fallen out of the PayPal (6 months passed long ago) protection. Any advice highly appreciated.

    I am sympathizing with all of the fellow headfiers and other Trinity's customers who have thus far, as I have, been left in cold.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
  6. Karendar
    Transactions can still be challenged on your credit card (If you used that to pay with paypal). Call your credit card company and request a chargeback, giving them context on the company's site closing, communications being non-existant... If you used debit or other financial sourcing than credit card through Paypal, not sure how that works. Maybe call your financial institution and try and confirm what your options are.
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  7. Midgetguy
    The concept and product line idea was frankly very good. If you think about it, it's really the same thing that major tech companies are doing, but adapted for the audio market; Apple, Microsoft, and Google all make products that work fine with each other, but tout even better integration and function when you use all their own devices together. Apple has their MacOS + iOS, Microsoft has their Outlook365 integration, Google has Android and ChromeOS (not to mention their Chrome browser support). TAE was trying to do that sort of thing adapted to the audio market, which was a smart idea. They just failed miserably on the execution part.

    Yeah, reason why I brought up something like the Hidizs AP60. Much smaller than a smartphone if you don't want to use your smartphone as your DAP. But for convenience sake and because today's smartphones have come such a long way from the days of old on the audio front, I have little reason to use something with a much less friendly UI. Even the expensive DAPs aren't sorted out that well compared to what's available to you on a smartphone, whether by native or third-part music app. And support is generally so much more stagnant.
  8. sejsel
    Thank You Karendar, will do so asap; difficult to deal with swedish banks and there is a slim chance of getting a refund, but I will do so. Will keep the folks here posted about the whole affair.
    Again, much appreciated!
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  9. sejsel
    My order is dated as of 25/08 2017, so I have minutes ago raised the paypal case about it. We'll see how it goes.

    Waiting for the call from the bank (issuing the credit card) as well.
  10. gugman
    Means you still have few days left before you reach 180 days, I was also in exact same situation and paypal made a refund for Icarus 4 with no issues what so ever, hope it will work for you as well !! Good luck
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  11. Hi-Fi'er
    What happened to Trinity's site? What happened to the wireless DAP? Site is dead and the DAP I paid for still no news. ?????
  12. grs8
    I've tried to chargeback over paypal and cc company, both declined it, because I was a few days to late. Still no refund, after the last mail from Kieran...
  13. hernandoco
    We were told that the site was down because of maintenance but nobody is exactly sure what happened. It's all speculation right now but if you read the past few pages and the other Trinity threads, it looks like this might be nearing the end of Trinity. You will likely not receive your orders.
  14. Hi-Fi'er
    Wow this stinks. They just will run off with people's money?
  15. sejsel
    Thanks for the kind support to a fellow headfier; yes, I have opened the PayPal case, filled in the form and explained briefly the details of the whole ordeal.

    Now, my assumption is that the paypal is well familiar with the whole issue with this company, and hoping for the best.
    It is more a moral and principal issue, so to speak, I am again really sad that the Icarus II in particular has not seen the light of the day, but I really couldn't stretch more than I have done.
    I thought actually that my 6 months have expired, but as you pointed out, it is still within the few day within.

    I hope that the paypal will do their job. I wish the best of luck to any of the customers in similar situation.
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