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  1. Hi-Fi'er
    I just email Trinity and it bounced back. Guess they are dead. Great.
  2. SofaSamuraiX
  3. dave9527
    Whom are you sending to?
    I got some bs from kieran's email yesterday.
  4. Hi-Fi'er
    I guess the question now is if Trinity is dead why are they not contacting Paypal and crediting back the pre-orders for items we never received? Jeeze.
  5. Hi-Fi'er
  6. dave9527
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  7. Hi-Fi'er
  8. lbritish
    After much harrassment by myself it was claimed that my PM6 was erroneously marked as shipped when it had not been and they were going to ship it by last week due to finding the error. After some further pestering on my part they claim it to now be shipped this week.... And then I got a tracking number that actually was delivered to the Royal Mail.... So what actually shows up will be interesting......I'm not confident it won't be a refurb/used product at this point.... Or a brick in a box....
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  9. SofaSamuraiX
    Good luck! Glad to hear at least of some activity on shipping stuff.
  10. hernandoco
    I'd be glad to get a refurb product. Better than nothing. Even if it shows up broken, at least I'll have some closure. I might even be able to re-purpose the cable.
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  11. Hi-Fi'er
    Well that email; kieran@trinityaudioengineering.com appears to have gone through without failure. Waiting to see what (if any) response is received I will share to help others.
  12. Tommy C

    Because there is no money left most likely.
    The website has been down for over a month now.
    Read the last few pages here, about the shareholder leaving and the connection to IMR - ridiculous stuff.
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  13. Hi-Fi'er
    No money left means bankruptcy, which means they have to file a loss with their bank/insurance and start processing refunds. You can't just take people's pre-paid orders and just say "we have no money -oh well" with no repercussions. Jeeze if it's that easy I'm starting my own thousand dollar product and get pre-paid orders and do the same thing! Yes "ridiculous stuff."
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  14. Karendar
    They pulled that with me, but I did end up getting my PM6 a couple of weeks back. It was brand new in box... Only "issue", the left earbud has some slight wiggle on the connector, but does not affect the sound at all. :) All is not lost!
  15. Karendar
    It's not that easy. :wink: They need to cut salaries from management position, show good faith, reduce operational costs... Otherwise, they'll get sanctionned for wasteful spending.

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