removable cable
  1. Applehusky

    RHA T20i alternative

    Hey all. Just wondering if anyone out there has found IEM's similar to the RHA T20i, but with a better/removable cable. I've enjoyed mine immensely but I always find myself wishing for a better cable. I'm looking for something that sounds similar, but even more importantly, has the same type of...
  2. Schmitt S10

    Schmitt S10

    SENSITIVITY: 109.5 dB SPL @ 1 mW FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 Hz - 17 kHz IMPEDANCE: 27 ohms @ 1 kHz PASSIVE NOISE ATTENUATION: 25 dB DRIVER: Balanced armature full range. WEIGHT: 0.445 ounces/12.7grams CABLE: Detachable high quality and professional cable with MMCX connector. CABLE LENGTH: 50" / 128...
  3. 4

    Remove removable cables? :D

    Apologies for the dumb question - I see many threads about stubborn removable cables, but at least in the first few pages of my search, I cannot find a answer for - should you? Lemme explain - after many years of owning only fixed cable headphones, I find myself suddenly not with one but two...
  4. wgrish7

    Communication headphones needed for live production - over-ear, closed back, with detachable single cable

    I am in need of comfortable headphones for my camera operators. The headphones must have a detachable 3.5mm cable, that I can swap with V-MODA BoomPro mics. The female in must be 3.5mm, so Bose headphones are out of the question. Bose ear cups are also too small. These headphones must be as...
  5. B9Scrambler

    Fischer Audio Dubliz Enhanced: Ready to Dual (Review)

    Greetings Head-fi! Today we are going to be checking out a fairly unique earphone. Fischer Audio's Dubliz Enhanced utilizes a dual-diaphragm system, mating a forward firing 8mm diaphragm with a rear-firing 10mm diaphragm into one driver unit. It's the third and most recent in their Dubliz...
  6. Bobtrinity


    Hi Everyone, On our original Phantom series thread we stated that there would be 4 models in our Phantom range. As we have moved forward with our development we have made some changes that means we really needed a new thread of its own. I have been fascinated will push pull set ups since I...