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  1. Tommy C
    They are most likely going to dissolve the company.
    Joe Ashley Watts is still showing up as an officer but he claims he is no longer involved.
    He has dissolved too many companies for an individual who was born in 1989.
    Once they dissolve the company it will be nearly impossible for people to take any legal action especially since it’s a Limited company.
  2. SofaSamuraiX
    Rainy day here on my parade....
  3. Tommy C
    I’m sorry you’re stuck in this situation.
  4. SofaSamuraiX
    Same from me to the rest involved on the short end of this deal.
  5. Tommy C

    Unfortunately the last year and a half or so was mostly based on broken promises, lies and unethical behaviour by Trinity.
    The Air was a total bust, two pairs that I have had in my possession were unusable.
    Bob’s goodbye discount code was a scam, they knew what the were doing all along.
    Same goes for the Icarus line sans the Icarus 3.
    Unfortunately the avalanche of bs started a while back, but now it’s official.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
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  6. bjaardker
    Hmm.. They started selling the IMRs and suddenly there was movement on the Trinity front with some of the PM6 and Airs shipping.......I was staying away from all of the conspiracy theories, but with the revelation that Bob & Marie are related and that "Jake" appears to be living at the same address, I'm done giving ANY benefit of the doubt.
  7. Karendar
    Glad some people got their PM6 with my R1 order. :p
  8. majo123
    Not been about for quite some time and thought I would see how it's going , first of all hi to all the guys that know me.
    Can't believe this mess is still going on and quite understand why a few are seeking legal action now ( read a few posts back) good luck to you all!
    Shame it happened, at one point they were producing fantastic iems then all the delays and lies , damn shame.
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  9. Midgetguy
    Welcome back bud, you didn't miss anything. You're can always come back at the other thread where stuff actually happens.
  10. HungryPanda
    I hav waited patiently but even I am giving up hope. The worst thing is the disservice to any other genuine start up as I will not touch one with a barge pole now
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  11. Tommy C
    The only thing that has been happening is that now it’s crystal clear that Trinity and IMR is all Bob and Co.

    This is the end pretty much, threads should be probably locked and mods should impose restrictions on the sponsors who were involved in this, simple as that.
    Enough damage has been done.
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  12. Midgetguy
    Head-Fi has already done whatever consequence-dealing it's going to do: TAE is not a listed sponsor anymore and IMR Acoustics hasn't been added to the list. Whether it's Bob or not, I don't care much about, I wasn't going to purchase from them simply because I have no need of the product.
  13. Tommy C
    Yeah, in case you missed it,
    Robert James Timms aka Bob James now from IMR resides with Marie Timms, the former shareholder of TAE.
    Based on the chaos caused by those individuals and unethical acts I feel the Head-Fi community should be aware of it and it definitely falls under the ‘buyer beware’ lines.
    If that was a Chinese brand running games on members here they would have been banned long ago.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2018
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  14. SofaSamuraiX
    Not sure I am reading your comment correctly, but as far as I am concerned, your personal need for a type of gear holds zero say over the information being shared and discussed here. I am appreciative of the info.
  15. Midgetguy
    I'd agree it would be good for Head-Fi to have something for companies equivalent to their list of scam/untrustworthy people that they do for the classifieds section. It would be hard to maintain the same way that scam/untrustworthy classifieds list is, but it's better than nothing, right? TAE could've easily made that list if it existed. May not have been enough to help those early adopters, but there's a fair number of others that joined it later who wouldn't have had to deal with this headache. I just rewatched the movie Accepted recently and a line from near the end of the movie comes to mind: "[we] do not reject innovation, but it must be watched. Carefully."

    Perhaps I'm reading your comment incorrectly, but your post reads more like a personal attack, which is even less helpful than my own post. The way your post reads, it implies my personal opinion of the situation is of no value. In the forums and any discussion in general, personal attacks are of even lower value than relatively weightless personal opinion. My point being that regardless of this information, I would not have made purchases from them anyway. At no point did I say the information was useless. I agree with you in that this info has tremendous value, if only for others to see it along their research so as to sway them away from purchasing the products if they deem the risks to be too great.

    We can't make others not buy from them; that's their decision and their decision alone. But we can be damn sure to warn them of the risks knowing what we know.

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