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  1. xoxiax
    Hi forum!

    I used to post here on the dreamy beginnings of Trinity's actual nightmare. Through these years I have bought 7 different products from Trinity and now i'm finally assuming that my Icarus IV will never arrive. I've tried all this time not to feed my suspects of being tricked, but all the testimonies i read here month by month killed my patience. We have a collective fraud that shouldn't be confronted individually. Trinity's customers here on head-fi live all around the world and that turns it more difficult, but without any doubt one by one most of us won´t receive our productos neither refund.
    These people must pay us our refunds immediately and must confront their legal responsibilities. (if not the we'll be robbing again in some months with another brand or project)

    Does anyone here know about similar cases in the past and how could we coordinate legal actions through a collective demand?

    Thank you in advance, i just can't stand it anymore and, even if i could i wouldn't want to try to solve the problem just individually. That's exactly what they want, that's why we are right now in this situation.

    We should begin this process before they definitely disappear (which is exactly what is happening now, first delaying with false promises, then stopping communication, after killing their website and through all the process sending a pair of units per month creating expectations of pure smoke that tranquilize the sense of fraud)
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
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  2. posnera
    In my opinion, there is no money to recover so legal action is useless. Sooner or later, the corporation known as Trinity will declare bankruptcy and cease to exist entirely. Hopefully most of us will get back something before that happens.
  3. wilberforce55
    and re-emerge, phoenix style, like all other Joe Watts projects. Man, looking at the company register that guy has been involved in a lot of things for his young age, may of which seemed to have ended up in "interesting" situations
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  4. Karendar

    So I leave a review for the IMR R1... And this happens.
  5. Tommy C
    Didn’t we say countless time that Trinity will eventually go belly up and IMR will emerge?
    Believe what you want folks - I’m done with this and we may never know what went down.
    The pattern is all too familiar. Bob works for RockJaw, then Trinity, including being financially invested and now this messed up situation where people lost their pledges and pre-order contributions.
    Trinity always had the same smoke and mirrors tricks to buy time, including shipping a few pieces to folks here to make it seems like there is some movement.
    Anyhow, they are probably going to fold or have folded already. It’s a messed up situation but the writing was on the wall.
    Is IMR a seperate registered business/ entity in the UK?
  6. Tommy C

    Perfect timing for my previous post. I hit Post Reply and then I saw your post. Lol
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  7. Karendar
    Timing is grand. I thought your post was a reply to mine. :wink:

    Never found a reference for the company itself. I think it was too new when I looked for it.
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  8. Tommy C
    Yeah, no - I put it together and then saw yours lol
    I feel bad for those who got scammed and never received anything.
  9. Jeffreyy
    I heard Kieran is not responding to emails anymore. Fortunately he responded to me in less than 10 minutes.

    about icarus 3 :
    I am sorry but this is still all we know that the shipment of stock is coming late February , wish we could tell you anything differently .

    Apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused while you been waiting for your order and we understand you have been very patient and that there are limits to anyone’s patients .

    We know we have no right to ask this of you , but if you can just hang on a little longer ?
  10. dave9527
    This was exactly what I've got from "Kieran" hours ago
  11. Midgetguy
    And like maybe a week or two ago in either this thread or one of the other TAE threads. I can't remember, it's all one large amalgamated pile BS these days. Sad to be at this point after being just another guy that was once hopeful TAE would turn things around, but they show no signs of doing so.
  12. sososerious
    I've not had a reply for around a month now, it's hit or miss.

    I get a similar standard reply if I chase an unanswered email then when I reply laying out the absurdity of the situation and ask for a clear update - more silence.

    I've asked what I'll find if I pop down there tomorrow, if I do decide to pay them a visit and it's an empty office you can bet im going the small claims court route out of sheer principle.

    If anyones got a spare £75 - £150 then do what I'm considering and take them to court for the outstanding products value and loss of earnings for the 12 months plus of emails. Got to be a few hours worth of time there and some of it during working hours, my rate is £125 per hour so I guess that would make it worthwhile on its own for me.
  13. hernandoco
    Lol. I remember a few weeks ago I got flamed for claiming IMR was related to Trinity. I mean, how could anyone NOT see through the BS.
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  14. Karendar
    Hey, we still have no proof of any of this. I give Bob the benefit of the doubt due to info I've gotten from him. But I gotta admit this thing made me smirk a bit. Still love my IMR R1 though
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