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  1. Karendar
    Mine shipped on the 18th, got it last friday in Montreal. :)
  2. the Ortherion
    Indeed. The blue filters are my favourite in the Icarus III
  3. Martin Howell
    I'm a big fan of the greens, use them in my Vyrus 2, Icarus III, & Master. Found the blues a little flat for my taste, and the silvers sounded muddied to my ears.
  4. wilberforce55
    Wow, we are back on topic!!
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  5. Karendar

    Now we're back on topic :wink:
  6. Darkestred
    Is it safe to assume PM6 will arrive in 2-4 weeks from "todays" date?
  7. Karendar
    If you got your shipping confirmation, then yes. :)
  8. theweezle
    Guys... I haven't checked here or KS in ~4 months... its only advanced 300 pages... :)

    Can any1 give me a quick update on 2 things, I'm guessing the answer is give up but I want to ask anyways.

    1. Has the air come out with a survey and final version that works?
    2. Hows the free Icarus 1 coming around?
  9. Darkestred
    When was your backer date?
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  10. Monsoon
    Crap, I'm in Montreal too and it's still MIA, last update was that it left the UK on January 18. If it ends up getting lost in the mail that would just be the rotten cherry on top.

    Any signs of life from Trinity? Site is still down and Kieran hasn't returned my last email a few weeks ago. He was useless in actually helping but usually got back to me fairly quickly.
  11. Layman1

    Sure, I would be very happy to address your questions in order:

    1) hahaha

    2) ahahahahaha

    I hope this clears up any remaining confusion :D

    Seriously though, the general consensus seems to be that the Air is a flawed product that can work in a limited capacity (others can chip in here; I know little about them personally).
    There are, to my knowledge, no plans (and probably no capacity) for Trinity to release an improved model.

    The Icarus I (which I'd also ordered) has not been mentioned by Trinity in ages.
    Since they are actually shipping the PM6 now, I guess I could say it's not an impossibility, but really, don't hold your breath lol.

    The fact that we're all having this discussion on the sponsor's thread, with absolutely zero input or response from that sponsor, should tell you most of what you need to know :)
    A sad ending to what could have been a great story.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
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  12. Karendar
    Did you get a tracking number? If so, what's the status? My IMR R1 died in limbo on its way to Toronto. Been stuck there since jan 14th...
  13. grs8
    Got this mail a few min. ago as reply to my mail from Dec. 5. and not my last mail from Dec. 8.


    Right ok, we will start the process of refunding your order , just so that you understand , We have many refunds in queue to be processed at the moment, so we are working through them as quickly and as financially possible as we can.



    Trinity Audio Engineering Ltd

    So I don't get my ordered items and I don't know, when or if I will ever get my money back. This company sux...
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  14. bjaardker
    "and as financially possible as we can."

    And there it is...the final admission to everything we knew but couldn't confirm.
  15. Monsoon
    Yeah, last status was "On its way to Toronto Canada". Could possibly be in customs too.

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