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  1. Merc78
    ****ing, the headphones are good! True good headphones! BUT, why do they do this ???? Well, they would not be hiding and answered. Everyone can have problems, but why so ????? I'm suffering with a wire from PM master 4. I do not want to give up masters for recapping. Can not they even for MONEY want to help? It's a shame for them (((
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
  2. Karendar
    What took me aback was the fact that they're so damned light. I've had both Masters and Icarus III in hand and these are much lighter. Makes me uncomfortable to the point I want to crack them open to make sure we got what we paid for.

    Sound wise, it's heavy on the bass, which I didn't expect either. I messed around with the EQ potential of the device. You can easily amplify mids, bass a little less and not as much on the highs. However, on a flat EQ with the v30, these shine pretty well. Haven't burned them in yet though, only did a 15 minute listening session. They light up my tinnitus like a christmas tree though, as I feared...

    Last point worth mentioning, comfort of these compared to the masters is quite good due to the weight decrease. They don't weigh down my ears any.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
  3. bk123
    Yes,it is true that these are much lighter than Phantom Master. It is because the Master were made using Steel Alloy whereas these are Aluminium Alloy metal.
    This change was there in the first batch too. I'm not sure about the components inside whether BA are still from Sonion as mentioned by Bob during campaign of these earphones.
    Karendar likes this.
  4. Karendar
    Tried to see if I could quickly open them up by unscrewing one of them. Screws come off, but the shells are welded/glued together. So I can't crack em open without damaging them... At £235 price tag, I'll pass on confirming the drivers inside. :wink:
  5. HombreCangrejo
    Thanks for the advices! Now I'm getting used to the undamped golds, although I will probably try blue and gunmetal, to see if they fit my preferences. About the tips, I have switched to Spirals (I had 3 L pairs, and they fit my ear canal very well) and, although at this level it's difficult to say, without a proper A/B testing, it seems they improve a bit the already very detailed sound. Compared to the Masters, and taken from memory, again no proper/inmediate A/B, the PM6 seems to give slightly more detail and refinement. In some tracks, they're still prone to sibilance, but probably because it's present in the song. You can hear, for example, London School Of Economics, from Acid House Kings, when the song begins, "Don't forget that summer dress", even the Masters have a bit of sibilance here, but in the PM6 is more audible. Nothing to complain about, in fact.
  6. HombreCangrejo
    Regarding the Sonion BAs, the models were Sonion 33AJ007i/9 and 26-E25WT


    If you look inside, what you see could resemble the output of 2 dual BA like these. They're also very light (less than 1gr. together) so why not. Obviously, nothing is sure if you cannot open the shell, but the sound quality is an indicator that they could have been honest at this point.
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  7. bjaardker
    "Sound wise, it's heavy on the bass"

    That speaks against everything we heard from the people that got the PM6 before. Makes me wonder if they used the new drivers from their "X" series IEMs.
  8. Karendar
    Yeah, I have a feeling they were holding out on shipping them out because they were finding ways to cut down assembly costs and implement a new configuration. This sound signature, while interesting, is not fully what the PM6 was being sold on...
    bjaardker likes this.
  9. bk123
    It's better to have something than nothing :)
  10. Karendar
    Kind of sad that we say this, but I have to agree... I'd rather have a product in hand that doesn't fully fit with original promise of sound signature than no product at all.
    bjaardker likes this.
  11. HombreCangrejo
    The case is that bass seems to have tamed a bit, and the sound is extremely detailed, so not bad at all. Differences compared to the Master are not night and day, but they exist. Obviously, diminishing returns apply, but PM6 offers a more refined sound. Also, when I think that I was prepared to assume a money lost scenario, I feel extremely happy with them.
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  12. Karendar
    I guess I should play with filters more. I kept the stock filters (Black), as I never really played around with filters on the Icarus or Masters considering they weren't mine... The bass level is far from displeasing, I was just expecting it to be a little more tame. :)
  13. HombreCangrejo
    I switched directly to silver undamped, but that was too much. Later, I tried gold undamped, that still had a lot of bass, but now it seems more controlled. At the same time, clarity has improved. Strange, as I don't believe in burn in, at least I don't expect extreme changes. I will continue tonight. Also, yesterday I was using XD-05 as source, and first listenings on saturday were with N5 II. A little picky with sources, perhaps? Doesn't seem to make sense, as both sources are pretty transparent (no EQ whatsoever)
  14. bk123
    Try blue and green filters. Blue has more controlled bass and enhanced treble. Overall it is much more balanced with PM6.
  15. Monsoon
    My PM6 pre-order from the site was shipped on January 17 to Canada. Still hasn't shown up yet but at least it's in the mail stream.

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