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  1. Karendar
    Here's the funny part: I ordered an IMR R1... Bob shipped it on the 12th of January. It's stuck in that status on Royal Mail's site. Trinity shipped my PM6 on the 18th of January... It arrived on Jan 26th. Bob sent me another IMR R1 considering mine is in limbo... It's now in status being sent to Montreal instead.

    I have a feeling Toronto had some issues with some arrived goods. Either they're in the same bin stuck at customs or they were stolen/lost. :\
  2. khronik
    This isn't the proper forum but what happened to trinity's site. Moreover what's with icarus I and II? When are they going to be shipped?
    I mailed kieran...but, got no answer.
  3. Karendar
    Does nobody read the previous posts anymore?... :\ Site has been down since the beginning of January. Phone lines are also dead "due to storms"... Noone has any info on the Icarus line, so don't expect miracles, as they're having trouble even sending out the Phantom line right now. They've still got PM6's to deliver, they've still got Hunters to deliver and a crazy amount of airs...

    I would kiss any chances of seeing products beyond the PM6 goodbye. Anyone that still has any orders on hand and want a refund, look to Paypal if you still have protection or call your credit card company for any items bought on the site. If you explain the preorder nature of the item, the fact the site is down and the company does not respond to emails anymore, they will try a chargeback.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
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  4. sejsel
    As a (hopelessly useless) side note, just the day before the Trinity website went down, the product pages of the Icarus I and Icarus II were updated with the preliminary shipping date set to 18th february.

    Other than that, people who were following the thread know the situation well, and latest small development with the deliveries of PM6 look more like the anomaly than the pattern to be expected and hoped for.
    There were some people (well, one) who in person visited the Trinity office, but nothing conclusive (or anything at all) has come out about the Icarus I and II.

    If I would venture in guessing and speculations, I would be inclined to agree with Karendars post (above). There were no pictures of the Icarus II ever released, Icarus I prototype pics were dug out recently in this thread, shown on some patent or similar site.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  5. Ancient.Dream
    I've received the Hunters yesterday.
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  6. Karendar
    Cool, congrats!
  7. Darkestred
    Ive been trying to find someone to contact and maybe ive done a poor job of looking but can someone post or message me Kierans email? I'd like to play a hand of, 'lemme see if i can get my headphones.'
  8. Karendar
  9. lbritish
    Kieran is ignoring my emails.... :p
  10. dave9527
    Not just you:japanese_ogre:
    It would be interesting that their site is still down but they are receiving emails at the same domain...
    Would it be possible?
  11. lbritish
    The domain isn't expired.... Email goes one way... The website goes to Shopify. Shopify PROBABLY had enough complaints they suspended the store from selling and thus no web page. You would assume they would at least bring a site up and put some "our store is temporarily offline" notice up at the minimum but I'm thinking their product listing and the layout used by the site are using a template owned by Shopify and they can't use it to create a new site.....
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  12. Tommy C
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  13. Layman1

    Damn shame. I never use headphones but even I would consider buying those (or buying them for my brother, who doesn't like IEM's).
    They look sensational; a much better and more polished design than the ones originally featured on the Trinity website.
    Sigh for what could have been...
  14. Jigsaw feet
    I remember bringing this kickstarter to Bob's attention back in the days when Trinity was in their expanding empire days. RIP
    Bob was the designer for this variable open/closed headphone. It does look awesome . I think the Trinity Vario project came out beforehand but it didnt quite work out . Shame really as it was on Trinity's pre order for £85 (if it got put into production ....which never happened sadly) .
    I hope the company can turn things around . I have had good listening thanks to them ~firstly my Deltas , then the PM4s and now Hyperions (u won't get a more comfy earphone ) but if I ever get to see the icarus 4 or icarus 2 on order depends on the survival of the firm . . Hmmmm . nuff said .
  15. Karendar
    Too many failures associated to Joe Watts... This just goes to show there are some things behind the scenes we have no idea is happening.
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