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  1. Karendar
    I got my PM6 and wrote to Kieran about the Air which still is MIA... Never got a response back. Is it worth fighting for £90 worth of goods for me? Nah... But I get others are in a much lousier predicament.
  2. hernandoco
    Well I was told that IMR had NOTHING to do with Trinity. Obviously they're connected somehow in more ways than just Bob. If they were separate, then this means that Bob was just lazy and copied and pasted some templates from Trinity .
  3. Karendar
    Or he used the same rating engine than on trinity's site? Or he built it for them before he left trinity and reused it without modifying the list? Who knows!
  4. alan_g
    oh well £120 for an Icarus iv disguised as a hyperion.
  5. wilberforce55
    Ditto. I also got flamed for questioning Jim’s integrity. The guy who was the face of the Air

    They are all crooks. And now this link has been made IMR will disappear and some other headphone company will appear
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  6. sososerious
    If I remember correctly the issue with the rating system associating the IMR reviews with the trinity products was already brought to Bob's attention and he clarified something, just can't remember what sorry.

    I know he said they used the same platform and I think he then said that was as far as it went (was in the IMR thread it think, early on).
  7. Alex3221
    Both uses orankl and I guess none of his purchases from TA were canceled and the system suggests him to rate the other stuff he bought.

    Btw, I got a refund weeks ago from TA, I opened 3 PayPal disputes and they didn't reply any of them, so, If people here are still in possibility to open a dispute from PayPal this could be the last chance.

    This is the last message regarding to Icarus IV I received from Kieran (October), so, I'm not optimistic about stuff being shipped now and never.

  8. cynan
    Not that I am hopeful at this point, but I got a Shipping Update notification by email regarding my PM6 order on December 22 (and of course, I can't check my account on the website). I don't suppose this means there was a chance they were shipped?
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  9. Tommy C
    It doesn’t take more than 6 weeks to ship a small parcel regardless of where you live on this planet. Just another trick by those con artists - I would say nothing was shipped to you, unfortunately.
  10. Karendar
    Honestly, I got the PM6 shipped on Jan 18th and received it on Jan 26th... So it's surprising that you'd be going on 3 months. However, keep in mind I got a pair of IMR R1's shipped on Jan 12th and received them on Feb 4th (Customs issues in Toronto). So things CAN stay stuck in customs a while.
  11. cynan

    Oh Well. At the very least, it has become clear why they decided to go with the name "Phantom". That's all they ever were going to be for a large proportion of their customers.
  12. nealwm
    Has anyone in the US received any preorder from Trinity since the IV’s? I was a Kickstarter Air supporter as well as preordered the Icarus IV & I none of which have delivered. I did receive the both versions of the Master IV and another lower end IEM all being great. Also met them at Can Jam LA but not a word since about my orders. Is it just US that is being shafted?
  13. Karendar
    We have had US people who received their items... There is no pattern or group hatred when it comes to Trinity's shortcomings.
  14. bk123
    Did you get the tracking number? If yes, did you try to track it in Royal mail website. If you got a tracking number and there is no status on Royal mail then it is clear that your order is not shipped yet.
    Now, as far as tracking number is concerned, it can be generated in advance even before sending the item. It is a feature provided by most postal service to seller who generates a bulk shipping request in advance and then post the item at the end of the day or next day after generating the tracking number.
    If the seller fails to post the item, then these tracking number get cancelled automatically.
    I suggest to check the status and send an email to Kieran stating about your tracking number and its status, if any.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  15. nealwm
    As for me personally I think the items I have received are wonderful which is why I am quite confused as to why the radical and abrupt change in the company. As I stated I have prepaid over $300.00 for items that have yet to arrive. And the replies I was given when I inquired stated supply chain problems and the IEMs were in the packaging phase...and never issued a tracking number . It here are individuals who received both sets of Airs but nothing here. Truth be told it is more about the ever growing length of time I have spent waiting for these items and then reading the reviews by people saying the problems with their first set of airs were not fixed with the second ones and I have not even received a reply to status request. So, I do feel that some amount of anger towards Trinity’s poor business practices is more then justified given the circumstances.

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