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  1. nealwm
    And “shortcomings” is putting it mildly...can think a few more colorful words to use but I digress. And there seems to ne a word missing with most of the posts in this thread...honesty. Really thought Trinity was but now it never enters my mind when discussing the company.
  2. PxOR
    Did anyone actually get the refund go through? I have asked a couple of times, both times they said OK but no refunds ever. for months now. now the website disappeared too...
  3. Karendar
    Yes, I know. I'm just tired of spewing vitriol in their direction, so I'm trying to clean up my language. :p
  4. PxOR
    the first few times I used paypal, but afterwards i got lazy. big, big mistake.
  5. Karendar
    Refunds stopped going through in a consistent manner after Dan left the company. I guess he was too lenient when it came to customer complaints. I got refunded in mid 2017 for everything but the Indiegogo crowdfunding, which they used as an excuse to not refund. I did see some people go through paypal claim get their refunds though.

    Honestly, I got my PM6 and even though I'm underwhelmed, at least I got what I paid for, save the Air which is a brick OOTB anyway. I'm writing the Air off as a loss and if I receive them, I'll be frankensteining them anyway. I'm sad for other people who are still stuck in this predicament though.
  6. PxOR
    well, then i should really should have followed up closely last late summer. I PM'ed Dan and he said he would do refund and also email'ed customer service, who also promised to do it. Then i read some people waited weeks before they got them. So I waited and waited. Damn, sometimes you really have to be a pain in the a** to not be a fool.
  7. PxOR
    thanks for the answer anyway!
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
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  8. griff06
    I feel sorry for Bob, works for a company who make bad business decisions. Leaves, sets up his own business- which he categorically stated is his own and has nothing to do with Trinity - and tries to go it on his own.
    He uses the same platform as his former employer for web based stuff, so what, im trying to set a website up now and its a PITA, wouldnt you use something your familar with? Wasting time on your site and email when your a small one man band? I dont think so.

    Trinity have royally f_@ked up and let down their customers. Thats a given. But i dont see how so much vilifying can be directed at Bob (IMR) who got the hell out of Dodge before it burnt down.
  9. PxOR
    Well for the longest time Bob did act like he ran the business. Even in and after his departure he did not tell his fans or whatsoever what really is going on. Can you really blame people for not trusting him! I would warn anyone who is considering purchasing from the new company. And I have defended quite a few times for his team's inability to deliver the grand promises they make, in the few times I visited headfi. But that did not serve me well. at all.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  10. wilberforce55
    He was also the face of the phantom air, on the video saying they had developed a non dropout cordless iem that had a 4 hour battery life
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  11. chasolla
    And he spammed everybody on the Trinity database promoting his new company and product.

    And he is based in the same building as Trinity.

    And I can't find any company details on his website.

    And IMR Acoustics isn't registered at Companies House, There are too many company directors called Robert James to trawl through easily.

    Still waiting for my Icarus IV's ordered May 2017.
    I've now opened a dispute under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.
    See if that gets me anywhere.
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  12. griff06
    I completely underatand where your coming from.

    I did however buy from IMR. It was delivered the very next day, all my questions were responded too within minutes. It has been nothing but stellar service.
    So i would warn people likewise to not let the past burn a new company. To see a new business with a man who has turned a new leaf and who is working hard to wash the problems that plagued what the last company had.
    To point out, it may of seemed that Bob was in control but he has explicitly stated that he was not or has never been the owner or manager of Trinity. And everyone who has a boss does what the boss asks them to do
  13. Oscar-HiFi
    +1 massively, please don't let the fact that Bob worked for trinity turn you away from IMR. IMR have stock on the shelves, and are a completely different business set up. The R1 are a really good IEM, and I have no issues recommending them as a company to buy from.
  14. Karendar
    Everyone is free to make their own decisions based on what happened... Bob knows this and navigates with the lost customer base as best he can.

    For others who are curious, IMR posts a lot of b stock/cheaply priced R1's lately going for a fraction of the initial cost. Check out the facebook page or drop a line at info@imracoustics.com if you're curious. I also wrote a PM6 vs R1 vs U8 review here for anyone interested:

    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  15. hernandoco
    Good on you guys supporting IMR. I hope that helps fund the rest of the remaining Trinity orders. Us folks still waiting need your help.
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