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  1. revia
    and his last name is the same as the major shareholder from Trinity (Robert James Timms / Marie Timms).

  2. Karendar
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  3. Tommy C
    I am not surprised but rather disgusted.
    What’s the relationship between the two?
    Can you tell?

    Edit: never mind, found it - most likely his wife.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
  4. harpo1
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  5. Tommy C
    This is a big development.
  6. hernandoco
    A bunch of us already kinda expected this though right? I'm not really surprised. I can't remember if it was in this thread or the other 2 but the idea tossed around was that because Trinity lost money due to the mishaps of the Airs and had made a bad name for itself already, Bob started IMR to try and fulfill the remaining Trinity orders. He claims that it's different in order to be the good guy and attracts customers.

    There's people who have received their IEMs from IMR, ok cool, because that's the idea/plan. If believing that Bob is separate from Trinity gets me my PM6, then please keep it up because I want my PM6.
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  7. Tommy C
    Yep, not surprising at all.
    Bob was invested financially with Trinity and then claimed he was just a contractor and their sound wasn’t not even his.
    I know for for fact that Bob was handling stuff for Trinity after he claimed to be leaving. Including affairs in the thousands of dollars.
    Judging by the filter system of IMR and Trinity, they are identical and most likely manufactured in the same facility, they also inherited the harsh highs based on reviews.
    In any event, the whole thing just makes sense.

    I hope you and everyone get their orders at the end but I highly doubt that’s gonna be the case.
    It looks more like a well planned and calculated fraud.
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  8. hernandoco
    Well maybe fraud isn't exactly the term. It's just the lack of being honest. Airs failed miserably and they're trying to recover the loss while still trying to fulfill orders. I mentioned this before too but geez man, at least change your logo to be something different. IMR's logo is just an upside-down Trinity logo with different colors. I mean trinity signifies "three". Both logos are triangles. Just lazy lazy hail mary attempts.

    I just wish someone from Trinity or IMR would just chime in here and just say hey we messed up. We're broke. You're not getting your stuff or your money back. Those who are eligible for refund can take it up to their credit card company. Disappear from the audio community, close all these threads, and move on.
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  9. Tommy C
    Completely agreed.
    Fraud is a strong word, it’s just that Bob never used his last name anywhere. Here or anywhere else.
    He seems like a very seasoned guy and a sweet talker and while Trinity had a good run they failed miserably.
    Btw, since the Air is a total crap and I remember you were in the market at one point, I recently ended up with the Jabra Elite Sport V2 which is a gem. Zero drops, excellent battery life and very good sound with strong bass.
    The Jabra app is awesome, heart rate detector is spot on and the equalizer is nice.

    For anyone who is waiting on the Air - time to move on. It’s not worth the wait or the headache.
    It’s also not worth chasing Trinity and I will hate to see folks here throw good money after bad money.

    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  10. hernandoco
    I actually decided against getting the airs because at the time of the kickstarter launch, true wireless was kind of a new thing and I was skeptical. I was going to wait till the technology gets better before I jumped on true wireless. Glad I didn't. Now days, we have an abundance of true wireless offerings. The airs are obsolete already.

    I just can't get over the PM6s. What a fantastic idea that may not even reach my ears. I mean... passive EQ customization, what a great way to really personalize to your taste without degrading the audio with DSPs. I guess there's always the RHA Audio offerings, but those aren't multi driver, more expensive and don't have as much filter options.
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  11. Intensecure
    So that is for the home address, or business address?
    I assume that Jake Fee is trinity Jake!

    A friend contacted Rockjaw to see if Joe Watts could assist in clarifying the situation and received this note from customer service:
    "Hi there,
    Thank you for your email.
    I can confirm, that Joe Watts is no longer involved with TA and has not been for over a very long time, the company information has not been updated yet to reflect this yet.
    All I can say is, people are receiving orders slowly but surely after seeing online.
    The best email address to contact them on is: enquiry@trinityaudioengineering.com"
    In a previous note he confirmed that he was director of product development and not operations, and that ownership had been transferred....to Marie Timms.

    How much to believe, I have no idea!

    But Bob Timms? He kept that quiet, for sure! Crazy......
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  12. Tommy C
    Residential, the search is under People not Businesses.

    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
  13. Intensecure
    So, Jake is his son? The disabled son?? Also the much blamed Trinity customer service rep???
    Bob, Marie and Jake = the Trinity? Its getting biblical!
    Jeez, what a tangled web we weave.... :wink:

    I hope someone asks Bob what the meaning of all this is, I doubt that he has clarified the Timms connection to those with whom he has been communicating post Trinity. I'm sure there will be some stories....
    Anyway, if it turns out that he is and always was Trinity and now IMR acoustics, how is he still here?
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  14. Karendar
    Info@imracoustics.com or justbobski on here for anyone willing to get in touch with him
  15. Intensecure
    Sure, we could all do that, but why not share the truth here? Surely the (alleged) NDA isn't an issue if it's his wife owning the company?
    Why is the truth so hard to express? There seems to have been very little of it coming from.... anyone involved with this mess!
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