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  1. barondla
    Absolutely disagree with this. Great highend equipment doesn't ruin a music collection. A great system will make some things sound better than others. But a great system does not beat one over the head with differences. Reducing distortion, time smear, ringing and other problems helps all recordings. Poorly built equipment and improperly matched components can exagerate the differences between recordings. This can happen because the system is so uneven that some recordings click in while others don't. Stax headphones are a great example. As revealing as it gets but few recordings sound truly bad on them.
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  2. WhiteKnite
    Certainly not my entire collection that was hyperbole. What I'm referring to is some of my music sounds so good that anything short of perfect production is really obvious now. Sort of like how I sometimes wish i hadn't taken film classes in uni :p. And then you have personal preference, I happen to like very revealing gear.
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  3. Layman1
    Just my 5 cents.
    @Jackpot77 reviewed the IMR R1 on www.audioprimate.blog
    He owns Empire Ears Zeus and Athena, CA Vega (and Andromeda too I think?) and the Trinity Phantom Hunter (by way of background intro and frames of reference for those who don't know).

    He described the R1 as being hugely enjoyable, very smooth, warm and organic.
    Detailed but not a micro-detail monster.

    With these kinds of qualities, it would not be surprising if the IEM was able to smooth over the deficiencies in compressed/lossy formats or lesser-quality masterings.
    I don't think it's straightforward to have a definitive paradigm where TOTL IEM = exposes poor recordings.
    It depends on the sound signature of the specific IEM.
    I think my Hunter/PM4 'expose' poor recordings more than my Noble Katana, for example.

    Finally, regarding the tuning being all over the place (or whatever the criticism was, I forget the exact words), he could be right.
    But, that doesn't necessarily make it a poor IEM.
    The tuning of the Vega by all accounts is pretty weird and it's certainly not everyone's cup of tea, but other audiophiles rave about it.

    My understanding from hearing what sound engineers have to say on the matter is that generally in an IEM, they're naturally looking for the most neutral, reference sound signature possible to aid them in their work, and to match what they are used to dealing with.
    To someone who's used to hearing and working with such a sound signature, any U-shaped, L-shaped or other tuning would undoubtedly sound weird, skewed and possible even repulsive.
    I'd been listening to a neutral, reference style DAP for a couple of months pretty much non-stop, then tried the Sony WM1Z at CanJam.
    My reaction was exactly "UGH!".
    Looking back now, with more knowledge and experience of different sound signatures, I was just unused to (and unprepared for) such a rich, thick, warm, organic sound signature. If I had time to listen to it extensively now, I'd probably think it was amazing.

    So the fact that a sound engineer thinks that a heavily warm and organic IEM sounds weirdly tuned is not necessarily unsurprising or a negative.
    In my opinion, it doesn't casts aspersion on either the sound engineer's taste, expertise and discernment, nor on the IEM itself.

    Personally, I'd love to hear the R1. Based on what I've read about it, it's undoubtedly not a giant-killer or world-changer, but could well be a good, solid IEM for the price, with some less common features (interchangeable filters, open/closed vent option, dual dynamic drivers, etc).
    For those for whom it ticks their boxes and who have the funds available, a decent buy. Nothing unworthy in that.

    I don't know the truth of the Bob/Trinity story. It may come out in time or not.
    I bought some products, cancelled some others, and am still waiting for another.
    All I can say is that there have been some very positive reviews of the R1 and, it would seem, some negative ones too, and this is to be expected for any new IEM that isn't being overhyped, especially one with a very specific, somewhat polarising sound signature.
    And people have been receiving them within the deadlines promised.
    Whatever the facts are regarding Trinity and Bob's role in it, I personally am a firm believer in second chances (I appreciate others may not share this view) and, thus far, I think IMR/Bob have been blameless in their conduct and the quality of what they've put out. You can't ask much more, and hopefully it can continue like this.
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  4. Remiam7

    Between Kickstarter and IGG I have backed over 500 campaigns as I like to support startups that have what I consider to be great ideas. As for those companies you mentioned, I’ve heard and read that the markup for prices can be as much as 70%. Yes, R&D is expensive, but after a company has been is business for as long as those, a more reasonable price would not be out of order. The problem is we live in a world that is more and more being controlled by greed.
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  5. Remiam7

    Obviously in business if you want to recieve a paycheck, you do as you are told. Wether it’s ethical or not. I see this as I worked for a company that was unionized. And the management would say and do anything, even if it were illegal, to try and get you fired. So Bob was probably between a rock and a hard place. And at least he was able to get out.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  6. Remiam7

    I find it very interesting that recording engineers continue to use an IEM that is over 20 years old called the Etymotic ER4SR. I too own this, but much prefer the R1.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  7. Remiam7
    Another review of the IMR R1 at thetechkaiju.com
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    This is just my opinion but I think Bob is probably still working for them. Can't verify or deny this, again this is just pure speculation on my part. If he sells a lot of the IMR AKA TA R1. They can recoup a lot of the funds they need to finish the remaining TA mess. So guys that believe in the new IMR bob earphones. I say go for it. Cus Bob can't continue to make new phones under the TA name so what to do? Just come up with a new company. ( Who knows what these guys are truly doing.)

    If it means I can get my Hunters at some point. Cus at this point. I can't believe a single word or action that camp has come up with. I would imagine a company in dire straights will try whatever they can to pick up their mess and we all agree TA is a mess.

    Please buy as many IMR R1s as you can. Cus somehow this might mean we will eventually see our goods.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
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  9. HungryPanda
    R1 today, blue filters and Massive Attack and a walk through The Old Kent Road.......awesome, Bob kicks ass
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  10. Kundi
  11. bk123
    Just spoke with Kieran today and same old story again. .
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  12. wilberforce55
    I’m sorry bk123 but I don’t believe you. Liaran promised me in September the Icarus 2 and 4 were shipping back in September. That was three months ago. Are younsuggesting he does not tell the truth?
  13. bk123
    Wilberforce55, it is up to you whether you believe it or not, there is no ICARUS I, II and IV till date.
    Keiran is just a customer care guy who is telling or conveying what his masters are asking him to do that. I too have ordered ICARUS IV and I in June this year.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  14. wilberforce55
    Sorry. I was being sarcastic. He literally told me in September they were shipping that week. He is such a liar (this is beyond a customer care instruction) I immediately started the refund process which was competed last month. Now I am just out two pairs of working Airs
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  15. Intensecure
    So, how can they say "Due to cancellations we have a small number of Master 6 and Hunter left which are in stock and available now. This equates to 95 Hunter and 160 Master 6. Please do check them out below if interested." and then say they are still waiting for stock? Makes no sense.

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