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  1. Karendar
    As long as Trinity owes me a £230 IEM, I will keep asking them, I will keep reading here and I will keep posting. I've asked multiple times for a refund and they refuse, well... They'll keep hearing from me until they deliver on their goods. Had it been just the air, I would have given up. But having them bundle the PM6 and write it off as an " f u crowdfunding customers are a sub-race of customers" forces me to fight this until they declare bankrupcy or send me my product.
  2. timorinolee
    If it was just an air I'd probably just move on, but being like @Karendar who has also invest in the PM6, its just too big of a sum to write off.

    It just sucks that people buying off the website gets to have a refund, while us 'crowdfunders' don't get a chance at all.
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  3. Karendar
    Because they're a registered trading company and considering it is bought off their website, they're probably legally accountable as opposed to crowdfunding which has no accountability whatsoever, EVEN for a registered company. It's nonsense, really...
  4. neuromancer
  5. timorinolee
    It probably got flooded by recent posts. But awhile back they were refunding hunter orders and PM6 orders that were sold on the website. It is only recently that it became hard (probably due to cash flow problems).
  6. Tommy C
    The only reason people are still holding on is because Kieran sits there and replies to some emails.
    There is no operation behind the scenes nor a real business. It’s a one man show.
    Their financial reports show only $8000 in profit. That’s not even enough to pay Kieran.
    Bob detached himself from them and I won’t get into this but they got what they wanted and eventually people will give up.
    I doubt they have any capital nor the will to try and bounce back at this point. Let alone to fulfill any orders.
  7. timorinolee
    I don't think profit literally means money that's leftover to pay wages. Profit should have already considered the payment of wages. Its just money leftover for the business to either invest for the next financial year or to distribute as dividends.

    If you're talking about revenue alone then yes it is a concern.
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  8. Tommy C
    I know exactly what you mean but such business cannot operate properly with $8000 of profit.
    It’s a mess no matter how I look at it. The figures don’t make sense.
  9. Tommy C
    FYI. Master 6X and Hunter X are now sold out on Trinity website.
    I really wonder who took a flyer on those.
  10. Intensecure
    The suspicion was that the "X" models were not a real production run and just cobbled together from excess shells and leftover parts, the fact that they are now sold-out probably proves that. Possibly only a handful made and obviously with the new 40% discount someone thought it was worth a shot. Probably no-one on this thread though!
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  11. Tommy C
    My guess is that again, they were some early demo units or what not.
  12. wilberforce55
    There is a guy on Kickstarter who says he got a (typically non committal “we don’t know” email from Jake yesterday. I thought he was gone with the rest of them
  13. Karendar
    I just posted a reply I got from Jake today. Stating that the latest "yay we're done" email was a mistake.
  14. Tommy C
    It’s more like they haven’t even started shipping, and from Jake? Scapegoat Jake? Really?
  15. grs8
    "Regarding the Icarus IV, for a refund to be processed the free Hyperion would have to be returned in its original condition, or the price deducted from the refund amount."

    The Hyperion is not listed anymore and with discount the price was GBP10.
    This company is a bad joke.

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