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  1. Remiam7
    The IMR-R1 is what I thought the Phantom Hunter was going to be, but to my ears, at a much higher level when it comes to all around sound quality. The fit and isolation is better than the former no matter what tips I have tried. Am using the blue filters with my 8 Wire Litz cables connected to either my iPhone or Pono Player in balanced mode. With iPhone streaming Spotify and especially with my Pono Player, every song sounds like I am in the studio listening to the final cut being played live. The female and male vocals are so present I’d swear their standing right in front of me. There is certainly enough bass, even with my filter choice. With the port closed it seems the mids are more forward and there are more scales of treble available. And the soundstage is wider, feeling like the sound is surrounding your head. With it open it seems to be less bass and a more intimate soundstage. To me listening to the R1, the music is so clean, clear, and fuller with no distortion that I could notice. Am really satisfied to purchase the R1 and will be putting my other IEM’s in storage. This is exactly what I have been looking for in an IEM. I think Bob has a hit on his hands right out of the gate. I was looking to purchase either the CA Andromeda or 64 Audio U6 before the R1 became available. But for the price differance, the R1 is by far a great buy, and for the most part could compete with any of the other’s mentioned. I really can’t see spending more money for perhaps a few minute details.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2017
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  2. Carlsan
    Yeah, if they ever ship the product after taking your money.
  3. Remiam7

    The IMR R1 is not a Trinity Audio product!
  4. Tommy C
    You’re right. IMR is not A Trinity product.
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  5. wilberforce55
    Thanks for your passionate review, but i struggle with parts of it. How can compressed Spotify sound like you are in the studio with the track being played live. And what about if a song is crappily produced or mixed, a pair of IEMs, no matter how good, wont get over that. This review looks a bit like a paid promotion
  6. Remiam7
    Because that is how great the R1 sounds! Perhaps I should have said it even makes compressed music sound incredible. Am presently listening to Spotify and the sound quality is just as I stated. Clear, clean, and fuller making it as if in a studio. Of course your not going to compensate for bad recording totally. But the R1 has smoothed out, to a certain extent, those passages in the songs I,ve been listing to with perhaps some harshness that were present with some of my other IEM’s. I really am impressed. Now with my Pono Player the majority of my music is in hi-res and it’s like I’m listening to my stereo equipment.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  7. Tommy C
    I am in touch with someone who has many years of experience as a sound engineer for a major brand.
    He has the R1. He is not a fan, he said the sound signature is weird and incoherent. The finish is not good either according to him.
    We all hear things differently. If some people like it, great.
    Personally I won’t spend $700 on such item based on the last year or so, but to each his own.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
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  8. Remiam7

    I wonder what the definition of “weird and incoherent” is actually.

    “major brand”. What if all startups had millions to spend. What a perfect world that would be.

    I am in a somewhat similar situation as @JaeYoon except I am retired with four incomes and only need one for all expenses. So have money to play with.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  9. WhiteKnite
    My best gear makes good recordings sound great and really exposes the flaws in poor recordings. My GR07 BEs are so useful because they make poor recordings sound good. They are a far cry from high end though. Just saying...
    If you like the R1 that's great but Bob lost all of my trust last March.
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  10. Remiam7

    I guess perhaps what I am trying to say is that the R1 makes compressed music sound incredible and does something to bad recordings I have listened to make them sound so much better than any other IEM I own.

    Yeah, I have about four Trinity products to be delivered yet. As far as Bob, I remember long ago that the real story of what happened would be told, but so far nothing yet. I want the whole story before passing judgement, for the most part.
  11. Tommy C
    He wrote me a pretty good detailed impression.
    I can try and find it later.
    I work full time, good job, no debts. $700 is still a lot. If I was in the market and had a budget of $700 I would definitely look elsewhere.
    You have companies such as Noble, Campfire, Empire Ears and many more who really put plenty of thought and dedication into their products.
    Too many to chose from really. Not discrediting your view, I just won’t look at IMR for various reasons.
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  12. gugman
    today is a last day for trinity to respond to my paypal claim regarding icarus 4, lets see what will happen !
  13. Tommy C
    I kind of doubt the whole story will be told really.
    People deserve to get a refund or their products. Bob was/ is part of this whole ordeal.
    Bob used to come here and act like he was a partner in the company, then when he so called left, he wrote posted on Instagram that he was “just a contractor” and the Trinity sound wasn’t even his sound. Speaking of misleading the customers.
    Based on their reports Trinity made only $8000 in profit. It doesn’t make sense. They either didn’t report all their earnings or shareholders took a huge pay.
    The PM6, the Hunter and the Air almost almost brought in close to $1mil based on their figures.
    Things just don’t add up and people are screwed. Despite their reports no one here reported receiving anyting.
    It’s just sad altogether. Trinity can’t survive like this and eventually will go away.
    I just hope that those who gave them money will see a refund or some products at least before they fold.
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  14. TomKorn
    I just asked for a refund for Icarus IV which I ordered in May. Let's see how that goes...

    Actually I think everyone in the same or a similar situation should ask for a refund, because by now we can assume that no preorder product from Trinity will be delivered ant time soon (if ever).

    I also think that we should stop complaining in this very thread as this gets us nowhere.

    Why not focus on some positive things /products we can fruitful discuss in this forum?

    I wish everyone here a great day!

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  15. WhiteKnite
    It can come down to personal preference and synergy too. I've heard songs that I thought were recorded really well and found out later they just sounded really good one one particular set of IEMs. I wasn't trying to diminish your impressions in any way, just the gear I usually like best and consider high end tends to ruin a lot of my music collection. Also if they are not revealing that could actually be related to the incoherence Tommy was referring to. At least that's my interpretation.
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