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  1. dave9527
    Haha sorry I'm too serious. It's just "I'm getting my air....sucking into my lungs, diffuse into my blood amd support my life."
    It seems we have less and less chance to get whet we've pledged, what a shame
  2. dave9527
    Remember "It will take 21days for the parcel to appear at your door..." So it will buy 3weeks more time, if it's true
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  3. bjaardker
    Interesting how it will take 21 days when the package Dan shipped to me was there in a week.
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  4. dave9527
    Maybe it takes more then 3weeks to reach Ethiopia:cold_sweat:
  5. dave9527
    Yeah luckily you didn't
  6. Ahmad313
    and we will arrange a dance party here ,
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  7. dave9527
    I opened the filter and looked inside, only a small hole could be observed, maybe all the drivers are mounted at the back of the plate.

    *I meant for the hunter
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
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  8. dave9527
    How could we know if anyone ordered imr r1 and been receiving them?
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
    You could order one and then tell us :p
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  10. Jackpot77
    I think a few thread members on here have ordered the R1 - no idea if they are shipping yet though.
  11. dave9527
    I'll do it if there is a 99PERCENTOFFONCE code:smirk:
  12. dave9527
    Yea a few would be safe, at least there should be several samples on bob's hand:rolling_eyes:
  13. Intensecure
    They've all shipped out, just not to Head-fiers.. déjà vu all over again.:wink:
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  14. Karendar
    So I'm on week #2 of the usual 3 weeks they recommend to wait for shipped orders. After 3 weeks... What do I do? Write again and get another 3 weeks?

    Do they push your package to the bottom of the pile everytime you write them a message? :p

    **edit** Wait... IMR isn't Trinity!... Or is it?! :p
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
  15. dave9527
    IMR definitely is not trinity, it's just ran by bob:smirk:
    You know...
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