1. dave9527
    We are still waiting pm6 to come...hopelessly
  2. Tommy C
    Since Trinity made sure they sign NDA before anything else not much can be shared.
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  3. Monsoon
    After over 2 months of waiting for my refund I just asked that they reinstate my PM6 and Hunter orders. Hopefully they can at least do that. At this point my worst fear is being stuck with no refund and no earphones and being completely screwed out of $1000.
  4. dave9527
    NDA is just a perfect shield
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  5. dave9527
    I'm sorry about that. Have you paid full price of hunter without discount?
  6. Ahmad313
    it is really painful but how you pay $1000 for PM6 and Hunters , have you ordered 2 sets of each ,??
  7. Neotribal
    So... long time no see!

    I finally got my Litz Cables that came included as part of the Hunter purchase!!


    ...the cables' 2-pin tips don't fit in the IEM body. *sigh*

    It's obvious that the cables are keyed wrong, the tips don't match the layout of the Hunter at all. I wanted to hold off on posting here until hearing back from Customer Support on how to proceed... and after several days of communication their final guidance was to cut the plastic myself. I'm also expected to figure out the pin polarity on my own because apparently they don't know what the orientation should be. What a mess. I don't even know what else to say. I'm so disappointed.
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  8. Jackpot77
    I had the same issue with the Hunter / Litz cables, until I decided to it jam then in in frustration and discovered that they do actually fit.

    It's inelegant and 90 degrees to the way they SHOULD fit, but I didn't have any other problems. Took a bit of trial and error getting the polarity right, but managed to work it out by using a "normal" iem to compare.

    Not really something you should have to do, but they did fit for me in the end.
  9. Neotribal

    Do you remember which direction worked for you for correct polarity? Trying to figure out the orientation of the cables' notch and / or lettering in relation to the nozzle of the IEM body
  10. dobis4ever
    Hi.. i bought from a head-fi Member a Rhapsodio luna cable since my 8-Litz cable is anywhere but not in my hands since months.
    T = left +
    R = right +
    S= both -

    at the 2 pin connector ( - ) is at this small side of the socket where the litle slot is at the original connector.
    a standard 2 pin IEM has this slot between the pins.. TA Hunter had this slot at a side of one pin.

    hope this helps
  11. dave9527
    Any sign of hunter/pm6/air delivery?
  12. bk123
    Are you kidding ?:)
    Very soon we will be receiving another big update from Trinity that they have finally finished packing all Airs and remaining PM6, Hunters. They are relieved as it clears their way to post ICARUS I, II picture and start shipping ICARUS IV
  13. Monsoon
    I got all the discounts, that's in Canadian dollars so it's about 25% higher than US dollars.

    I also have a pair of Airs but I wrote those off a long time ago.
  14. Keon
    I completely forgot about my airs. But apparently no one has the 'new' ones yet. And thank god I got my pm6 refunded over 6 weeks ago, just as Kieran assured me that hey were all close to shipping :wink:
  15. dave9527
    Haha.."next week" is back! Capture+_2017-11-10-19-50-49.png
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