1. Walderstorn
    Here we go again..

    The "oldies", like myself, will know the song.
  2. Intensecure
    "You Fool No-one"
    #Deep Purple.
    Surprised to see that no one here has got any IMR stuff yet...or am I?
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  3. OldDude04
    Man, Tawny Kitaen on a Jaguar, lol. You can't think of that song without thinking of Tawny.
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  4. Ahmad313
    Because every week have a next week and this game will be continu tell the end of days ,
  5. Walderstorn
    It's such a great triangle of perfection.
  6. sogetsu
  7. Limitlesspace
    I'm waiting for a refund since October 12. Yesterday their email bot "Kieran" answered me that all refunds will be closed by the end of this month. So as with products, we are set to a loooooong waiting. I opened a dispute in my bank on October 15 but I don't know will it help me or not, it's pending up to 45 days.
  8. Annokill

    Any truths to this or should I open a PayPal dispute?
  9. wilberforce55
    I was promised a refund in September (after trying to be talked out of it because the Icarus 2 and 4 where shipping “next week”) and then nothing for a month

    Raised a dispute with my Credit Card company which was a waste of time. Then raised a dispute with PayPal which was paid after two weeks

    I am sure by now PayPal has such a track record paying out on TAE there will be no issues
  10. sogetsu
    You are right, I learned a lesson.
    And no futher deal with TAE even pay by PayPal or not.
  11. Tommy C
    Does anyone believe they shipped all orders?
  12. Karendar
    Hells no! :wink:
  13. Annokill
    I bought something in April... I'm now over the 180 days, you think I will still have some luck contacting PayPal?
  14. Limitlesspace
    What do you mean by "Credit Card company"? A bank? Or Visa/Master card/others? Don't banks work as effective as Paypal in such cases?
  15. wilberforce55
    Tried MasterCard. They said it was a “valid charge”. I said of course it was, but hey have not delivered and I want a credit. Shortly after PayPal had come through
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