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  1. Miko 7
    My Icarus 3 is coming in today, my friend got his last week and I'm not overly impressed by them, debating about just putting them up on classifieds and not even unpack them
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  2. JaeYoon
    :k701smile: there's always someone else who will buy them!!
    But then again there's bobs parting gift discount
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
  3. Intensecure
    Interesting, somewhat at variance with some of the other opinions..
    What didn't impress, anything you care to elaborate on?
  4. Miko 7
    Do you want a full write up compared to the Master, Delta 2 and Lyra 2?

    I could make one last final contribution to the Trinity thread before I'm on my way
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  5. Intensecure
    I'm sure that not only me, but others would appreciate that a lot. :)
  6. OldDude04
    I'd be curious as well Miko, because I love my pair. Makes me wonder if any of the past QC issues have found their way into the III's.
  7. Miko 7
    Alright, I'll finish putting this motor back together while I form my thoughts an I'll put together a trinity bedtime story tonight for you
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  8. majo123
    Been watching from the sidelines again I cancelled my trinity mail subscription for obvious reasons, so not seen the offer on the icarus lll but however tempting I just can't trust them to deliver so i wont be ordering, also I'm not realy a bass head
    Curious on the icarus debate though are they so much different to the master?
  9. HungryPanda
    All I know is I prefer them to the master, in part because they are smaller but I find it has a better bass response whilst remaining very clear. May be the gunmetal filters I'm using but I don't want to change them now
  10. majo123
    Oldude04 said the fits better, which for me is one of the master drawbacks if only slight ...seems a mixed response at the moment but mostly positive.
  11. OldDude04
    Exactly what I'm hearing as well. I'm satiated. Hard to say in this hobby, lol.
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  12. jim723
    I think we all interpret the sound differently in our brains. The sound quality is very subjective therefore we need a reference point. I have certain sound tracks that I use to test my headphones and I was comparing the Icarus III with my other bassier headphones, such as the IE80 and JVC FX-750. Perhaps muddy was not the best way to describe the bass of the Icarus III. The bass on the IE80 feels more controlled compared to the Icarus III. The Icarus III can produce near the same amount of bass as the FX-750. I also agree that the bass on PM4 is very good but the bass on Icarus III feels much boomier.

    Don't get me wrong that the Icarus III is still very easy to listen to and they will satisfy most if not all bassheads. I don't feel they are bassy until the bass part of the soundtracks starting to play.

    EDIT - I switched to JVC Spiral Dots tips and the bass on the Icarus III feels more controlled now. There is still more bass compared to the IE80.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
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  13. IamMe90
    If it makes anyone feel less worried - I placed an order for the Icarus III last night using the parting gift code and got a tracking number this morning. It's just preshipment info, but I have never had an order from TA take longer than a day to start shipping once tracking was received.
  14. majo123
    That's good to know for everyone usually that means prompt delivery.
  15. OldDude04
    Getting the III for pre-order price and right away is a steal.
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