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  1. Karendar
    Just refunded mine at 60£ and this still made me wonder for a fraction of a second. :p
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  2. dave9527
    That's why I gave up the 50% discount for I ii, I will wait for it comes to real world then use the ks backer discount (if available)
  3. Carlsan
    So true, still waiting on an order for a pair of Master 6 from over a year ago.
  4. IamMe90
    To be fair, it does say that they are in stock on the website shop, and their in stock items have a good track record with fast shipping; and we've seen people in NA getting them. But, it is certainly a crapshoot. One that I'm still wondering about myself... :p
  5. Remiam7

    Well, I caved and ordered. Can't say I have any IEM that may be considered a "fun" sound, so should be interesting for me. I must say that my Hunter is what I have been choosing to listen to though.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
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  6. Midgetguy
    I figure I'm just gonna glue my Vyrus 2 shell back together and call it a day. Now all I have to do is get around to doing that :p
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  7. JaeYoon
    :p glue it back already lol

    Or you can buy bob's parting gift
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  8. Remiam7

    Yeah, I think I will be purging myself of about a dozen IEM's and just keep the Hunter and Lyra II. Give them away to family members.
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  9. JaeYoon
    Glad you like both IEMS, yippee!!!
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  10. Remiam7

    They both have differant sound signatures. The Lyra II is still on burn in.
  11. JaeYoon
    Of course they do.... I don't think anyone expects them have same signature :p
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  12. Remiam7

    I just thought maybe there would be some similarities, but not at all. Both were a good chose.
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  13. JaeYoon
    Always handy to have more than one IEM!
    Also curious any other trinity iems you have that you prefer Hunter over those?
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  14. Midgetguy
    But glue saves me 74 pounds! :p
    I should really get around to this. But hilariously, my laziness is sustained simply because my Hyperion is still alive and kicking haha.

    I've got one IEM I could sell, but everything else (maybe like 6-8 IEMs?), I keep thinking I've got a reason to keep around lol. I'm such a hoarder. But it could be worse though. Imagine if I tried every "sensational" sub-$100 IEM. It would be chaos! :D
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  15. Remiam7

    I prefer my Atlas for fit and probably Vyrus II, but the Hunter would be second. That's really all though.
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