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  1. FatTeemo
    How long does it take for people to get their pm6 refund? Kieran agreed to it last Tuesday and still nothing in my paypal account.
  2. Midgetguy
    Trying emailing him again. If you aren't getting anywhere with that, then maybe PM @dnun8086 here. He's the new management head at TAE.

    Cheers and good luck with getting your refund.
  3. sejsel
    Oh my, why do i suddenly feel criminalized... :p I have not received the Icarus III yet... I'll keep you posted, meanwhile I am truly enjoying Master, for 60 quid it was a bargain, to say the least ! Your assesment of the refinement of the Icarus III, relative to the Masters does fill me with the expectations, although I still have nagging suspicion that the cold, clinical sound signature of the Masters is more suited to my taste and the type of music I listen to (mostly) .
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
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  4. wilberforce55
    Could anyone tell me what was the (original) forecast date on the Icarus II DAP?
  5. elliscwk
    I get refund of my 2xpm6 within 3 days after 3 email conversation with Kieran.
  6. Sam L
    Good to hear. My Icarus 3's are sitting in a parcel locker since I'm out of town until Friday. :frowning2:
  7. Miko 7
    That could really be the case, especially if you don't listen a lot to vocals. As an all rounder the Icarus 3 is pretty damn good, but the master is better with instrumentals and digitally produced music, but sadly neither one portrays the realism of a recording. If you like the soundstage on the purple undamped filters I'm not sure you'll find that in the Icarus, the undamped filters do not seem to have the same level of treble extension as the masters
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  8. JaeYoon
    hmmm, what do you recommend genres or style would fit for Icarus III?

    I'm assuming Acoustic and imaging type of tracks might be out of the question for those?
  9. Karendar
    I'm gonna keep asking because I need a precedence: Bought off trinity's website or IGG/KS? :p
  10. Karendar
    I'm kind of sad I made my collegue get the masters... To be honest, the Icarus III would have been much more up his alley. Would have been nice to trade them up... :\ Oh well.
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  11. Miko 7
    They're not nearly as emotional as the Lyra, not even in the same league to compare. They're like a delta 2 with better soundstage and bass but less timbre. They're good with just about anything, I don't think they have any pitfalls and they're not overly warm that they sound magical with acoustic and vocals either
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  12. Monsoon
    I believe it's 0.78mm but I remember reading that they went with a modified connection so a mod may be required to be able to use aftermarket "standard" 2-pin cables. Just double check before you spend money.

    I just ordered the Icarus III with Bob's coupon, seems like a good deal at that price and I can always sell it if I hate it. Main thing is that it's shipping now and some some people really love them. But I also have the Icarus I on pre-order for the $10 deal so maybe that will pair well together if they ever ship it.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
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  13. nomeganenolife
    Does anyone know the address to send my IEM to trinity?
  14. ncristia

    UNIT 2.02 DE BRADELEI MILL Chapel St, Belper, DE56 1AR, United Kingdom
  15. nomeganenolife

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